10 Fun Stuff You Can Do With 3D Printer Which Looks Pretty Amazing

3D printers are fast becoming popular. 3D printing opens up various possibilities to create your own customized objects. It can be anything, from a clothes pin to vases to replicas of monuments. Whatever it may be, 3D printers show great scope for the future.

3D printing can help you make a lot of things which are required for your day to day use but they can also be used to have some fun. You can create various fun and amazing things for your own entertainment or even as gifts for your friends and family.

I have compiled a list of fun things you can create using a 3D printer.

Fun Things you can Create Using a 3D Printer

Flexi Rex

I am sure people can see the entertainment value of a model rex made up of links which you can tweak and change as you like. The Flexi Rex is great as a gift to your friends or you can use it yourself as a decoration item. The links make it possible to give it different poses according to your amusement.

Flexi Rex Create Using a 3D Printer

Proteus Key Holder

This is a Swiss Army penknife which doubles as a key holder. You need to print 2 halves of this holder separately. Once printed, you can assemble it together with your keys using some nuts and bolts.

Proteus Key Holder Create Using a 3D Printer

Sunglasses Visor Clip

It is hard to find a place to keep your sunglasses in your car where they can easily be reached when you are driving while at the same time keeping them safe from falling off. This is the solution to that problem. This clip is in the shape of an “U” that easily attaches to your car’s sun visor with a loop that can hold your sunglasses in place. Your sunglasses will never be hard to get to anymore even while driving.

Sunglasses Visor Clip Create Using a 3D Printer

Micro Catapults

Bored at the office with nothing to do? Gaps between your classes that just never seem to end? Get some friends and play a game of pelting things at one another with these cool micro catapults. They can hit targets up to 2 metres away and have a smart feature that lets you lock the catapult in place while you are loading it up with your ammo.

Micro Catapults Create Using a 3D Printer

Credit Card Cutlery

Let’s suppose you get some food and you find that there is no cutlery. What would you do? Chow down with your hands? Well you would not need to if you have this handy credit card cutlery. It fits right in your wallet to be carried around easily. When the need arises, simply press out the knife and fork and enjoy your food. Just remember these are for one time use only.

Credit Card Cutlery Create Using a 3D Printer

Keychain Smartphone Stand

Tired of holding your phone when watching a movie or video on it? Fear not, these useful little keychain holders double as a stand for your smart phone. They are currently available in six different animal designs ranging from a dragon to a cat. Apart from being useful, they are also cute as hell.

Keychain Smartphone Stand Create Using a 3D Printer

One Hand Book Holder

I am sur many readers would have faced the problem of holding the book open with one hand while having some snacks or a drink with the other. It is kind of difficult, especially with larger books. Well, this is a handy little contraption that allows you to achieve this easily.

One Hand Book Holder Create Using a 3D Printer

Book Owls

Traditional book marks are too boring. Jazz up your reading experience with these owls which act as book marks. They come in 2 different sizes, a smaller one for the little books and a larger one for the big books.

Book Owls Create Using a 3D Printer

Men’s Wallet

Can’t decide what to get your boyfriend or husband on his birthday? How about these 3D printed wallets which are customizable according to your needs? You can have these made in various designs and sizes while also have it personalized with a name. The smart thing about this is that it comes out as a single flat sheet which you can fold into shape.

Men’s Wallet Create Using a 3D Printer

Touring Bike Business Card

These are in the shape of a business card and as such, fit into your wallet easily. What is amazing is you can assemble all the pieces together to form a miniature model of a touring bike which looks really cool actually.

Touring Bike Business Card Create Using a 3D Printer

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