About Us

Doubtt is a website created by a group of Creative Technology experts whose common goals are to help people with the common technology doubts and tips that can help you in making the life of users easier. Technology is the most fascinating thing for us and we love to spread more awareness to people regarding it.

In 2018, almost anyone with internet connection can post stuff with clickbait titles online and scam users and eradicating that and providing credible and real information is the primary focus of Doubtt.

How do we do product Reviews?

Product Reviews and comparison are harder than they look like, before comparing and reviewing any products we first have a hands-on test of the product, and form a basic perception of the product and try to find the pros and cons according to each member of Doubtt. The second step is to identify a user of the product who has been using the specific product for a long time and discuss the Problems they have faced with the product over time. Only after completing all the research we suggest a product to the users.

How do we Monetize Doubtt?

To keep the website running we use the following 2 monetization model on the website.

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a user-friendly way to show advertisements in between the articles of the website. Google uses the Cache of users to detect the interests of the visitor and shows Advertisements accordingly and website publishers are paid for that.
  2. Amazon Associates: Doubtt is part of Amazon Affiliates program which provides a way to monetize product review websites using their advertising.

How to Contact Doubtt?

You can easily get in touch with us by sending the message through the contact us page, we respond to emails within 12 hours.