All You Need To Know About Forza Horizon4!

An all in one car racing simulation multiplayer game, designed solely to give you some of the best experience of driving a car in virtual world as if it was the real world. And when I say the experience of driving in the real world, I literally mean it. The game brings together some of the most premium elements to give you an experience like never before while playing on a simulation game. All of which we will go on discussing thoroughly yet abstractly in our post today. So, let us all sit tight and enjoy the Forza Horizon4 ride!

The ‘Mindboggling’ Car Collection 

If you are into real life cars & specs and can go on talking and thinking about them all day long. Then Forza Horizon4 is just the perfect place for you to ride and experience them all, as if it was in real life. Unlike most other racing games which don’t tend to bring in real world cars, Forza Horizon4, on the other hand, has over a hundred purchased licenses, so that you can choose to drive and collect spectacular motors from over 450 distinct vehicles available in the game.

The Game Environment

When it comes to games be it online or offline, single player or multiplayer, racing or combat or anything of that sort. One thing which has a very crucial role to play in making the game pleasing to the user is the setting and environment where the game takes place. The background by far is the most important element in a game and Forza Horizon4 has just been able to beautifully justify that. The game is an astounding open-world recreation of Great Britain. Well by Great Britain itself you can imagine the number of beautiful sceneries that awaits you there. The map itself is very large and when it is ‘open-world’ we are talking about, then there will definitely be new places to visit every time.   

The Skill Tree

Can there be any game without a “Skill Tree”? No, right! Hence, very similarly even Forza Horizon 4 comes stacked and equipped with a number of skills which you can unlock and enjoy as you go on playing the game. And what makes it even more fun is that each car has it’s own sets of skills sets. That means that the skills you gain are different for different cars. An SUV will have a different skills set than that of a BMW sedan and so on.  

Properties And Real Estate

Here, when we talk about properties it has nothing to do with game properties like screen resolution or controls or so. Properties in Forza Horizon 4 literally means properties and real estate which you can own. Yes, this multiplayer game allows you to buy and own your very own house or mansion in Great Britain. 

Customize Your Player Just How You Like It

There are basically 14 preset characters you can choose from. And once you choose your character you are free to customize them however you want too. It is that simple. Just create an avatar and you are all Get! Set! Go! 

Forza Horizon4

Route Creator

One another amazing feature which comes with Forza Horizon4 is the ability to discover and create new routes and share them with your friends and families. Since the game is all open world going through new roads or discovering a non explored route becomes a whole lot fun.


A game is never complete without a campaing. Every game just has to have a campaing mode in it otherwise it is never fun. Similarly, even Forza Horizon 4 comes with a lovely campaing mode which is surely to please the user playing it.


When it comes to driving in real life, every season brings a different kind of an experience. In summer it is different, in autumn it is a different experience and in winters it is undoubtedly a very different kind of experience. Forza Horizon 4 comes equipped with four seasons namely Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring which remain at least a week in real time and is in sync across all the servers throughout the world. And the most amazing part is that depending upon the weather, the maps will get different. Also, many places or roads which were not available during winters may all be available during summer. Just as something you would expect if you were to drive in real life. 

Weather Effects

When there are different kinds of seasons and its effects on your driving experience, then why not different weathers and even better, as with every different type of weather comes a different kind of driving experience. When it is raining it is a different experience, when it is windy it is a different experience and even the temperature is high it has a different experience. Basically, the whole driving experience can seen to solely revolve around these small yet important aspects in real world as well as in virtual world when it comes to Forza Horizon4.