Top 5 Best 3D Printers Under 300$ Budget [2019]

There was once a time when owning a personal 3D Printer would have seemed to cost a fortune. But, that is not the case anymore. Today, you can bring home a good 3D printer for your own personal use at just the price of a normal high end normal printer. Sounds fun right? To be honest it is. When you can create your own 3D figures and structures, it is just an amazing feeling all together and that too when you can do it all under just $300, the fun gets a whole new height.

Best 3d printers under 300$

Now, when you are just starting your journey of printing in 3D, obviously you cannot go on working on a pocket burning high-end 3D printer. It is always a good idea to brush one’s skills on something basic and within the budget, before trying something costly and professional. Previously we had written on best 3d printers 2018, and today our main focus will be on “best 3D printers for under $300“.

1. GeeTech A10

Geetech A10

The all new Geetech A10 is one of the top contenders in our list coming with a build volume of 220 x 220 x 260 mm and supporting filament types PLA, ABS and Exotics. It is equipped with a well heated filament which makes moulding 3D objects simple and easy.

The Geetech A10 3D printer falls under the to be assembled category, so you will obviously need to assemble it once you purchase it. But, there is no worry as it only has 3 main parts to be assembled and it is so easy that even a kid can assemble it and get it working.

The other good thing about this new Geetech version is that it comes with an optional Wi-fi Dongle which saves` you from the pain of connecting your 3D printer to your computer system with a USB or wire. The Wi-fi feature truly saves a lot of time and makes life a lot easier. But, all that kept aside the main KEY feature that the Geetech A10 printer comes with is its “SUPER PLATE” which comprises of a glass plate with really

tiny dots layered up uniformly over it, making removing prints easy and fast once the object has been printed and the bed has cooled down. Lastly, the 3D printer comes with its very own software “Easyprint 3D” which
makes designing and structuring your 3D objects totally simple and easy. And the best part is that the software is totally FREE and Open source along with being available for all popular Operating systems: Windows, MacOS & Linux. Some extra common features include an LCD screen and its compatibility with
other 3 rd party filaments that will greatly reduce your burden of having to need to buy the same filament every time you get a new one.

Out of all those amazing features and specifications the one small drawback which might be there is the manual calibration you have to get a hang of. Once that is taken care of everything is just fine.

Hence, this $229 priced 3D printer is one good option to give a thought if you are looking for a well budget and worthy printer.

2. Creality Ender 3 

Creality Ender 3

The Creality brand is a very common name you will come across once you look out for 3D printers. Ranging from high end 3D printers to well budget ones, Creality has covered up all. The Creality Ender 3 is one such cheap 3D printer which gives high end feature for a pocket friendly budget.

This 3D printer comes with a print bed size of 220 x 220 x 250 mm which is a little smaller than the previous contender on our list. But, that is just a small difference. Apart from that it is quite similar to our previous contender. It is reliable and easy to use and is perfect for all types of users from complete
novice to professionals. The Creality Ender 3 comes with a pre-assembled kit which saves you from the extra work of setting up and assembling up a 3D printer. The filament types it supports include PLA, ABS and Exotics and is also compatible with 3 rd party filament similar to the Geetech A10 printer we had seen earlier.

But, again the most important KEY feature that makes it stand out in our list is its ability to resume printing even after an abrupt power supply cut down. This is one feature; I am pretty sure you don’t get to see in a printer of this budget. Thus, making it one worthy all-rounder with such a cheap price tag.

Out of all those awesome features, the only small drawbacks the Creality Ender 3 has is its need of manual calibration and the noise or sound that it produces while in use. Also, the bed is in constant need to be levelled from time to time. Apart from all these, this 3D printer is just the perfect compact friend you have to give a 3D shape to your imaginations at just $239.

3. Monoprice Mini Delta

Monoprice Mini Delta

If you are looking for an easily portable 3D printer, then the Monoprice Mini Delta is just the perfect machine for you. This small and portable 3D printer comes with a small handle at the top which makes it very convenient to carry it around anywhere without much issues. Also, the reason it is so portable is its 3 arms on rails structure that allows the filament print tip to move in multiple direction and build your structure in no time. The Auto-calibration feature too plays a great role in turning this 3D-printer into a well sturdy and portable easy to carry device, so that you can carry and print you a 3D-model anywhere without much to think about.

Now, when we talk about the cons this $159 worth Monoprice Mini Delta printer. It comes with a small build volume of 110 x 110 x 120 mm which is quite small if you compared to the other two contenders we had seen earlier in our list. Moreover, the Filament types which are supported only consist of PLA. Hence, limiting your choices to only one filament type.

Apart, from that it still supports 3 rd party filament material which again would play as a small pros in its part making it just the ideal printer if you want to carry it around and can do with small volume objects.

4. Monoprice Select Mini v2

MonoPrice Minix select v2

Coming from the same Monoprice family the Monoprice Select Mini V2 as compared to the previous Monoprice Mini Delta comes with a larger build size of 200 x 200 x 180 mm.

It comes assembled and ready to use. So, you can get to business without having to waste any time in assembling your printer before use. The Monoprice Select Mini just like the previous Monoprice printer in our list is automatically calibrated and ready to use at all times without any extra work. This can be easily counted as a KEY feature you can expect in this printer.

The 3D printer comes with a firm and strong Metal frame which gives it a whole strong and sturdy look. Also, due to its small and clean compact get up, it is quite easily portable in nature.

However, the only cons the Monoprice Select Mini V2 comes with is its small plate size which is small as compared to the other contenders in our list, but still is a bit wider and taller in size when you compare it to its own family Monoprice Mini Delta.

Moreover, this 3D printer supports two filament type: PLA and ABS which can also be 3 rd party material along with a Wi-fi enabled feature which allows the printer to be connected with your PC without any wires.

Hence, if you are looking for a portable 3D printer with a bit larger build volume than the Monoprice Mini Delta, then this $279 printer is just the perfect thing for you.

5. FlashForge Finder

Flash Forge Finder 3d Printer

The Flash Forge Finder 3D printer comes with a smaller build quality of 140 x 140 x 140 mm which even though a bit more than that of Monoprice Mini Delta but still is quite smaller than the others in our list here. Still, it is one of the most popular and well suited 3D printers for beginners. And, that might be the very reason why it has been there this long in the market.

It has a very attractive and compact looking build and looks exactly like a small cute micro-oven which is easily portable and can be carried around easily where ever you want to. The printer comes with a coloured touch screen which makes it look even more attractive and pretty.

Also, the printer has a very low noise emission which makes it perfect for people who want to create small 3D objects quick and without any noise or commotion. And most importantly the printer is very easy to calibrate and comes with assisted bed levelling feature making your printing task much easy. In addition to that it is also Wi-Fi enabled which gives easy access to it without having the need to connect it with any kind of wires or so.

However, when talking about drawbacks. The $299 worth Flash Forge Finder apart from its small build volume, is limited to only PLA when you talk about its supported filament type.

But, it is compatible with 3rd party filament material which again gives a wider range to choose from.


In the end when it comes to deciding which cheap 3D printer to go with it all comes down to what your needs are. If you are looking for a decent build volume, then you can go with either Geeetech A10 or Creality Ender 3. But, if you can give up on the build size and looking for a more portable and easy to carry 3D printer than you can choose from either Monoprice Mini Delta, Select Mini V2 or Flash Forge Finder. Be it any, you need to first decide what your needs are and then also look into the main KEY features that all these individual 3D printers have to offer to make a better decision while choosing the perfect one for you. So, hope this list would prove to be beneficial for you and may you find your perfect budgeted 3D printer to meet all your expectations. Keep visiting Doubbt for more product reviews and knowledge on 3d Printers.

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