Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

A good music has the power to alter human emotions and only a true music lover can attest it for you, and there is nothing compared to a great quality music to create a good mood and keep your boring day going well. Bluetooth Speakers are a nice way to enjoy music at high volume and get amazing bass in a small room, but the hell lot of speaker companies and duplicate products have made the job of selecting the best speaker a little more harder. From this article you will learn how to select the best bluetooth speaker and have a list of best speakers selected by us that works the best and gives a durable use.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018

What to look for in Bluetooth Speakers?

If you are new to Bluetooth speakers and are about to get your 1st speaker, you must surely be thinking of the things that you might need in a speaker and what features to look out for when buying one, following are the check list of things that you must know.

  • Battery performance: lookout for the power of the battery in the speaker you choose, This is what i check before buying any bluetooth speaker for myself. Any Device with a battery backup of over 15 hours is good to go with.
  • Bass: Bass in the songs are really important, they create a huge difference to the over music and enhance your excitement throughout the songs. And bass is a clear indicating factor between low quality and high quality speakers, if you are selecting the speaker, check its bass by playing any bass boosted track from youtube.
  • Budget: Before searching for a good speaker, decide what is the amount of money you would like to spend for the speaker. This narrows down all the options you have and helps you decide easily.
  • Size & Weight: Size and Weight of the speaker is really important while selecting a speaker, as it plays a major role in portability select a speaker of a size that can easily fit in your hand the weight which is easy to carry for long time. And if you are looking for a speaker to do house parties etc, look for a big speakers which offers bigger bass.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018

NOTE: All the prices mentioned here are average price of the products and not the exact price, Prices tend to decrease and increase according to the offer that is runs everyday on Amazon.



JBL BoomBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Boombox Bluetooth speaker

JBL is a Brand that everyone of us aspire to have with us when it comes to speakers, and BoomBox is that beast which hardly has anything that disappoints the user. BoomBox is waterproof portable bluetooth speaker with the power of a beast. following are the reasons why you should and should not buy this device. And JBL Boombox is selected as the Editor's pick due to its overall performance. And we bet you this is one of the best outdoor bluetooth speakers available in the market right now.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100$

Best bluetooth speaker under 100

If you are not willing to spend a huge amount on your bluetooth speaker, there are good devices within 100$ too that performs really good and those who want to have a speaker and enjoy the music in a small room, then these speakers give a great output too, you don't need to spend a huge money on other Premium Speakers.

1. Fugoo Go

Fugoo Go Speaker

Fugoo Go is a premium looking Bluetooth speaker which is 100% Waterproof and is also below 100$ range. The Black color version of this device is somewhat costs around 60$ which does the work perfectly but the blue version which looks best is priced below 100$. Below are the reasons why you should and should not buy it.


  • Fugoo Go is Dust, mud, Snow and shock proof, Which means you can carry it on any weather and won't break falling down. 
  • It is loud in Outdoor too, If you are on a Trek or travelling outdoor this device can keep you and your group happy and the overall Sound Quality is great.
  • When laid on its back, it gives sound in all 360 Degrees, which means everyone in the room gets to enjoy the music equally.
  • Device is very Thin which makes it easily fit in pockets and literally anywhere and the weight of this device feels really light and you wont have any problem in carrying it.
  • Just like JBL Devices you can pair multiple Fugoo Go Device through the party mode.


  • Battery Backup of Fugoo Go is only 10 hours, and it takes 5 hours to charge 100%. If you are a heavy user then and love more battery backup, its not the one for you. 
  • Some users faced the Connection range problems with the device, If you have connected with a phone and the phone is in your pocket, then its going to make some cuts in the music.

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is a compact 360 Degree  portable speaker that is priced well near to 100$ is a great deal. This speaker is water proof shock proof and is one of the best speakers for adventures and trekking in this price range. This battery backup of this device is 15 hours on average and it has a bluetooth connection range of 100 ft.


  • It is available in multiple attractive colours that suits its body.
  • It produces a loud sound and bass is amazing. It can be used for house parties without any issue.
  • They are one of the strongest speakers ever built. It won't break at any circumstances.
  • Just like JBL Devices you can pair multiple UE speakers through the party mode.


  • This device doesn't have much of the known cons, the only problem users feel is the price which seems to be a bit pricy, but its worth for the features.

3. JBL Charge 3

JBL Charge 3

JBL is a brand that whole world can recognise and its considered as a luxury brand, and it's speakers keep up with the company's reputation. JBL Charge is a compact device thats easy to carry and gives a battery backup of 20 Hours. JBL is one of the first speakers to offer water proof build.


  • Sound quality is best, its amazingly loud for its size.
  • 360 degree speaker lets you listen to music from any direction.
  • Connect upto 3 smart devices at a time and all can play by turns.
  • Has the Phone attend and reject button, and the inbuilt noice and echo cancelling gets you crystal clear voice. 


  • Compared to UE Boom 2 this speaker is bigger and heavier.

3. Sony XB10 Portable Speaker

Sony XB10 Portable speaker

SONY XB10 is a small but gigantic sounding speaker which is available on amazon on a price range of 50$. Its small size and weight lets users to carry with them all time and it easily fits in pockets. This is a Water resistant speaker it can take water splashes and small rains. It is one of the best portable speaker under 50$.


  • Its bass is very nice for its size.
  • The rubber ring with speaker makes carrying Sony XB10 easier, you can hang it anywhere like in your bike handle bars etc easily.
  • Price of this speaker is very reasonable for its features
  • It supports connection of multiple speakers to amplify the sound.


  • It is water resistant, but it is not completely water proof. you can take it in the pool with you.

4. Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is a master piece from UE whole design is make amazingly for Portability. Quality of sound in UE Roll 2 is comparable to JBL and other big companies. The design of speaker is such that the sound reaches every corner in 180 degree. You can just put your palm in the band behind and start the party. It gives 8-9 Hours of battery backup on average so there are no reasons to stop your party now.


  • It is completely water proof, you can take shower with it and it wont change anything in the speaker. 
  • The Bungee Cord in backside of speaker makes it easy to hang literally anywhere, like in your bag straps, palms, or anywhere.
  • You can download UE App and play with the audio settings and adjust the music.
  • Sound and bass quality is amazing. 


  • Many Users have reported the position of charging port is uncomfortable at times.
  • The speaker easily gets dirty.

5. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Ultimate ears UE wonderboom

Ultimate Ears wonderboom is a small monster which is a completely water proof super portable 360 degree speaker best suited for small house parties etc. You can take this speaker with you for shower without any doubt. The best part is its available at a price range of 50$ in amazon. Wonderboom has a battery backup of 10 hours in average.


  • Speaker is Water, Sand, shock, snow proof.
  • The bungee cord available on top makes it easy to hand in hand or anywhere literally.
  • It has surprisingly loud sound and bass for its size.
  • The buttons on speaker is easier and convenient to operate Wonderboom.


  • It can't fit in your pocket, but thats something always compromised in 360 degree speakers.
  • water proof doesn't mean you can completely keep it submerged, speaker automatically floats to the top surface and it can be submerged for 1 meter deep without problem.


These are the Top 5 bluetooth Speakers available in the market which are tested by us personally and collected reviews from experienced users, hope this makes your work of selecting a speaker for you easier and your money is not wasted in some crappy sounding Speaker. Keep visiting doubbt to get more amazing products.

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