Best Fitness Subreddits 2019 – Most informative Subreddits

Are you a fitness freak, constantly looking for new natural techniques to improve your fitness level like me? If yes, this article is going to be useful to you. Fitness is an industry where people spread many imaginative tips posing like an expert, so you must be careful on whom you believe. Below are some of the best fitness subreddits from where you can get credible tips to improve your body fitness.

Best Subreddits for Fitness

Best Diet & Supplements Related Subreddits

#1 /r/nutrition/

You might be doing good in your gym with the right kind of exercises but you won’t see any results in your body until you start following a diet according to your body goals. In this subreddit, you can find diet plans and many nutritional tips you can follow to improve your fitness.




#2 /r/ketogains/

Keto diet is no more a secret in 2019. Keto diet is mostly followed by celebrities who need to get results quickly for the shooting, Keto Diet is a kind of diet where you train your body to burn Fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, and all you have to do is follow a specific diet mentioned in this subreddit, you can also get other Keto Diet-related information here.



#3 /r/bodybuilding/

Bodybuilding is a subreddit where you can find everything related to fitness and bodybuilding, mainly you can find the diets followed by professional bodybuilders and the supplementation you can use. You can also get the reviews of supplements from users, so in case if you are looking to buy a supplement, do check it’s reviewed on this subreddit, most probably you will get an honest review from a user. If you are a male you can check out our list of best subreddits for men for more relevant subreddits you can follow.



#4 /r/veganfitness/

If you are a Vegan it must be very challenging to you in building the muscles quickly, and hard work is must if you a vegan and there are no short cuts. But this subreddit makes things easier for Vegan fitness enthusiasts. You can find innovative diet plans and work out regimes you can follow to build your body like a pro.



#5 /r/xxfitness/

xxfitness is one of the most active fitness subreddit for women, it can be hard at times for women to find reliable sources to improve fitness, and this subreddit solves that problem to a great extent. professional fitness athletes share their experience and tips regularly in this community, and if you have any fitness related doubt in your mind, this is the right place to ask it and get useful answers.



#6 /r/Supplements/

Gone are those days when people used to confuse supplementations with steroids, if you have the right knowledge you must be knowing that supplements are natural and you can use it without any side effects on your body. In this subreddit, you can get knowledge of different supplements, supplements you should not use and the right way to use them. If you have any confusion about your supplements, this is the right place to ask.




Best Subreddits for Workout Ideas

Workouts improve your strength and endurance, and you must follow a good workout plan to get your body in good shape and support the diet you are following. You need to follow the correct form while performing the exercises and especially when you are training with weights, its best to have complete knowledge about the exercise. Following are some of the best Workout related subreddits from where you can gain some credible knowledge.

#1 /r/Fitness/

This subreddit is dedicated to all the fitness freaks, every day you can find a new innovative way to hit your muscles hard and get results on your body. From this reddit, you can learn new exercises and the right form to perform those exercises. You can also ask your fitness queries on this Reddit and get answers from experts.



#2 /r/loseit/

If your main goal in fitness is to lose weight, this is a useful subreddit where you can find ways to stay calory deficit and tips that can help you shed that extra weight. There are also complete guides for maintaining six-pack abs in the long term. Additionally, users also post their transformation stories and pictures, to motivate others.



#3 /r/GYM/

This subreddit is all about the exercises you can perform in the GYM, you can find different workout sets and their right form to perform without getting any injury and build your muscles effectively. Users post their extra sets videos to motivate others, if you are lacking the motivation to lift weights, you must subscribe to this subreddit and stay motivated.



#4 /r/bodyweightfitness/

This is a different kind of weight training, Bodyweight training is all about building muscles using your own body weights, mainly the instruments used in Bodyweight training are just a Single bar, and some push up related instruments that you can easily find in your nearby Parks. If you are interested in learning Bodyweight training techniques, this is one of the best resources to learn.



#5 /r/yoga/

Yoga is one of the most famous fitness routines that you can perform in any situation, all you need is some empty space. Yoga visibly improves your flexibility and keeps your Body and mind fit. This is the best Yoga Subreddit, and if you want to get good at Yoga, you can find many new Hashanah here and the complete steps you need to follow to become good at that Hasana.



#6 /r/crossfit/

Crossfit is another growing workout regime which best suits those who wants to build strength along with the body shape. Crossfit involves high-intensity exercises like Power Lifting, weight lifting, indoor rowing, and other functional movements. If you want to learn more about Crossfit from the experts, keep an eye on this Subreddit.




Thank you for reading the complete article, I have listed all the important fitness subreddit from where you can learn new things and improve your fitness level, all we want is our readers to stay fit and healthy. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and help them stay fit.

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