Best iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer 2019 Review & Detailed Overview

Gone are those days when one had to be as steady as a rock to take some really good and steady videos shots when filming on an iPhone. However, today in this era of technological development and enhancement, there always is something or the other new, coming every single day, just so that we could have an easier and simple life. And very similarly, when it comes to filming with iPhones, I guess there is no other better option than having a Stabilizer gimbal besides you. So, when it comes to choosing what gimbal will best suit your desire, then our list of the “Best iPhone Gimbals 2019” may just be the thing to help you on your quest. We also just reviewed Best GoPro Gimbal

Quick List Of Reviewed Best IPhone Stabilizer

Product NameWeightBatteryPrice
Zhiyun Smooth 42 pounds2 Lithium ion Battery Check Price
Snoppa ATOM2.07 pounds2 Lithium ion Battery Check Price
DJI Osmo Mobile 21.08 pounds1 Lithium Metal Battery Check Price
MOZA Mini-Mi4.7 pounds2100mAh Battery Check Price
FREEFLY Movi Cinema Robot1.48 pounds2 Lithium ion Battery Check Price

Editor Picked Best IPhone Gimbal #1: Zhiyun Smooth 4


  • Battery backup: More than 12 hours
  • Weight: 547 g
  • Compatible with: iPhone (SE to X) or Android 5.0 and later versions.

If you are looking for something which does not burn your pockets, as well as can be compelling when it comes to performance and quality, then my suggestion to you would be to go with the all new Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Gimbal. A gimbal beautifully designed to help you express your story in some of the easiest and most effortless way possible. All with just the control of the gimbal itself. Apart from that, the Zhiyun gimbal is compatible with almost all iPhone series as well as Android smartphones which I would say is pretty impressive on its own. And last but not the least to add up to the versatility factor, the device also comes with a Bluetooth feature which lets you directly connect any mobile device to the Gimbal and start recording.

Best Iphone Gimbal #2: Snoppa ATOM


  • Battery backup: 24 hours (which is a lot coming for its size)
  • Weight: 440 g
  • Compatible with: iPhone (5s to Xr) and specific Android OS

If you are looking for something which is portable and quite fits into your pocket so that you can carry it along with you whenever and whenever necessary, then my recommendation to you would be the Snoppa ATOM Gimbal. Designed to fit easily inside most average sized pant pockets, the Snoppa ATOM gimbal is just a little larger than the all new iPhoneX. Also, the other main factor which makes this gimbal quite a contender is its battery life and backup which I may say is quite long when compared to its size. And last but not the least, when we talk about features and performance, the Snoppa ATOM comes with some really cool ones like face & object tracking, Zoom & focus controls as well as time-lapsed motion shooting along with an extra provision to attach a mic so that to enhance the audio quality of a video.

Best Iphone Gimbal #3: DJI Osmo Mobile 2


  • Battery backup: 15+ hours
  • Weight: 485 g
  • Compatible with: iPhone (SE to XR) and Android 4.1.2 and later

A product which truly stands out, not just because it is DJI we are talking about but because similar to its predecessor before it, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 also comes packed with some really killer features which include shooting modes like follow mode and free mode as well as a beautiful camera orientation which lets you focus on a single target without any extra sweat. Moreover, the other great thing I personally fell in love with is its simplicity when it comes to controls and buttons. 

There are just three buttons which I guess are more than enough for a gimbal of this size. These control buttons are mainly used to control the pan and tilt of the camera as well as zooming in and zooming out along with a typical power button and a record button. Performance wise the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is everything that you would expect from a DJI product, hence in terms of stabilization and filming it does quite the job it needs expected to as well. And last but not the least, how can we forget the DJI Go App which lets you choose from a number of various other shooting modes as well as custom videos to help you shoot better and in a much easier way.

Best Iphone Gimbal #4: MOZA Mini-Mi


  • Battery backup: 10 hours
  • Weight: 543 g
  • Compatible with: iPhone (SE to X) and Android OS 5.0 and later

Another very different yet compelling gimbal which has managed to catch my attention is the MOZA Mini-Mi. And from the very name itself we can assume that when it comes to size, the MOZA Mini-Mi will be quite smaller in size when compared to the rest of our contenders today, except for just the Snoppa ATOM as we had seen earlier. Then when we talk about features, the Moza gimbal truly has a lot to offer considering how cheap it is compared to the rest of gimbals in its segment. But then again most importantly, one feature which truly makes the Moza Mini-Mi stand out as one of a kind is its ability to charge wirelessly phones mounted over it. Something you most probably won’t find in any other gimbals out there. 

Design and looks wise I will say the gimbal have a pretty basic and subtle approach along with a decent amount of stabilization if we are talking about its performance. Lastly, battery wise I would say that it normal use it should easily give you a backup of 10 hours which still is quite fine considering the other features it has to bring on the table.

Best Iphone Gimbal #5: FREEFLY Movi Cinema Robot


  • Battery backup: 8+ hours
  • Weight: 670 g
  • Compatible with: iPhone (6 to XR) 

Now, the reason I had kept this for the last is not because it is not good or anything than the rest but because I like to keep the best for the last. So, in simple terms the FREEFLY Movi Cinema Robot Smartphone Stabilizer is one such gimbal that has no comparison when it comes to performance, build quality and most importantly the number of cool features that it has got to offer. The controls are absolutely easy to use and comfortable which works just like a charm to bring to you the very best of recording experience. Also, performance wise the FREELY Movie Cinema Robot gimbal is just mind blowing as it allows users to record and shoot some really smooth, stable and rich videos easily and without any hassle.  

Buying Guide for iPhone Stabilizer

If you are planning to buy an iPhone Stabilizer for you and your smartphone to be able to shoot better than my advice to you would be that before you buy it, do a little research and learn a few things here and there about the instrument so that it becomes easier for you to choose a gimbal which best suits your interest and needs. 

And hence, to help you better decide which gimbal to go for, I have for you a “Buying Guide” which comprises of all the necessary points one need to think of and consider before buying his or her desired gimbal.

Now, here are a few things you must consider first before you go on buying your first or even second stabilizer, as I am pretty sure by the time you get a third gimbal. You pretty much know enough to make the right decision.

Check What Suits Your Hand

This is one of the most important points which I would say is necessary when it comes to buying a gimbal, as not all gimbals suit all kinds of hands. There are some who would find it comfortable to handle smaller gimbals whereas there may be some who would find it much easier to use and handle larger size gimbals. Hence, I advise everyone that before you go to stores or buy your desired gimbal online, first try giving it a try physically instead of just relying completely on other’s testimonials and user reviews from the Internet. 

Now, there are many ways how you can actually try out a gimbal without having to pay for it. You can either go straight up to a store and try out the gimbal of your choice or simply login to user forums for the particular gimbal and see if you can find someone who lives near you and ask them whether you can try out their gimbal for a day or so. 

What Type Of Gimbal Is it?

Now, before you go on buying yourself a gimbal, the other most important thing is to know and understand what are the different types of gimbal and how each one is different from the other. Basically, there are two main types of gimbals: 2-axis and 3-axis gimbals. 

Here, the 2-axis types of gimbals are those gimbals with the help of which your iPhone can move in only two directions vertically, i.e. up and down, whereas in case of the 3-axis types of gimbals, a camera device can move in four different directions both vertically and horizontally i.e. up and down as well as right and left. 

Thus, depending upon how you want your mobile camera’s focus to move, you can choose from either of the two types. 

Is The Gimbal Motorized Or Non-Motorized?

Another very important fact you must consider before buying a gimbal is whether the gimbal is motorized or not. Now, here there are certain factors which must be kept in mind depending upon the type of work you want from your gimbal. If you are considering to shoot and film shots which are smooth and without any kind of shakes, then a motorized gimbal is just the perfect tool to achieve that. And, if you are just looking for a gimbal to work as a holder with the help of which you can take selfie shots and well as film with just having to use a single hand then a non-motorized gimbal can too do a pretty good job. However, the only drawback here is that you won’t be able to achieve the smoothness in recording videos which you would get to see in a motorized gimbal. So, unless you have a very very firm grip and want to shoot videos which are stable and smooth. I would say that a motorized gimbal is the best solution.

Overall Setup

The overall setup is one very important aspect, if you are someone who would consider yourself to be a newbie in the field of gimbals. If you are a beginner then obviously going for a gimbal which is sophisticated both in setup and function may not be a very good idea after all. Thus, if you think you are comfortable with setting up your phone with the desired gimbal then you can go on with it without any hesitation at all. 

Is the Battery enough for you

Well there is not much to explain here anyways. The only thing one must consider is how much time does one want his or her gimbal to work for. And thus, depending upon how much time you need your gimbal to work, you can choose to buy your desired smartphone gimbal. 

Compatibility is very crucial

Yes, without a doubt the most important factor one must definitely consider is whether the gimbal of your choice is compatible with your smartphone device or not and if it is, then how compatible it actually is. So, before you make your purchase it is very important that you be sure of whether the gimbal of your choice is fully compatible with your smartphone version and its respective OS or not.

Mountable or not?

Although, most gimbals come with the provision of mounting, it is necessary to see that in what ways or where a gimbal can be mounted. The more places you can mount your gimbal, the better.


In the end while choosing the perfect gimbal for oneself, it all depends to how well you think the gimbal will work for you and for the value you pay, is it good enough or not. Also, since all the points mentioned above are cumulative in nature and connected to one another, it is important that you consider all the above “buying guide” points together and then decide which gimbal you would like to go with.

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