Blazing Beats Best Sound Reactive Fireplace For Indoor & Outdoor

If you are looking for a cosy fireplace to add up to your place and is someone who is into groovy lighting and crazy visuals. Then this is the perfect innovation for you which has both the features of a warm and cosy fire burner and the visuals of an entertainment piece.

So, What Is This Blazing Beats Technology?

Ok, suppose at a time when you feel like throwing a party, it is chilling outside. Or even better say its winters and you want to throw an awesome winter party. What do you normally do? If you like visuals or ambient disco lights. Then you would obviously put them for you and your guests to get the full flow of a winter party. But, in such cases there is always a slight problem. Coming up with fancy and ambient lights is one thing and coming with a fire burner to keep everyone warm and cosy is another weary task to take care of all together.

Now, what if I say that with the Blazing Beats Sound Reactive Fire Burner you can do all that by simply igniting the burner. Well just as the name suggests this fire burner is a two in one Fire Burner which turn your normal everyday flames into dancing flames that sync to dance on the beats of your favourite pieces of music and party songs. All you need to imagine is that the Blazing Beats fire burner is a music player and the flames coming out of it are frequency bars which dance according to the beat being played.

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What Is The Technology Behind Blazing Beats?

The product has been designed in such a way that it can generate flames which respond accordingly to sound. It is able to make the flames dance in such a way that it is able to create Visualizations in response to the different frequencies.

Fire Synchronisation Chamber

The principle technology or element that the Blazing Beats fire burner works on is its Fire Synchronisation Chamber which works by letting propane or natural gas out in a guided manner in correspondence to the sound frequencies of the music being played.

Sound Visualization Burner

Designed and constructed with 14-gauge 304 stainless steel, the Burner breathes out flames through a number of micro perforated holes which are in sync to the music. This lets the Burner to carry out an attractive and eye-catching Visualization to cherish and applause.

Premium Outdoor Audio

The audio components put in the Blazing Beats burner is said to be of marine grade. The audio system is fully tested and can face any kind of weather. The audio components are available as SAS or CAS systems which can be integrated with the existing or even new upcoming audio systems turning it into a truly flexible piece of entertainment.

What Is The Technology Behind Blazing Beats?

What Are The Features Of Blazing Beats?

Simple Fuel System

You need not be worried, thinking about what different kind of fuel system the Blazing Beats fire burner would need. Then you can take a sigh of relief as no different type of fancy fuel is needed for it. But it simply runs on the conventional fuel we use every day, i.e. either propane or natural gas.

Dancing Flame Technology

The Blazing Beats fire burner is equipped with a Fire to sound visualization technology that helps turn simple flames into dancing flames which look as if they are soundwaves that dance on the music you put on.

Bluetooth support

Surely and most importantly the best thing about this burner is its ability to play music off any device connected to it through Bluetooth. This not only reduces extra hardware and maintenance, but also gives the user the ability to carry out operations from any part of the room. This Bluetooth capability allows you to connect any kind of Bluetooth device and play music at the top of your fingers.

What Are The Features Of Blazing Beats?

What Are The Different Kinds Of Blazing Beats Products?

At present there are eight different variants of Blazing Beats. They are as described below.

The Montana

A truly attractive looking piece, this fire burner is made up off a fine finished natural brown stacked stone concrete base along with a stony looking foundation on which it sits. The product looks finely polished and would prove to be quite an addition to your living room.

The Grayscale

The Grayscale burner is completely similar to the earlier Montana. The only difference is the colour of the burner which comes with the Natural gray stacked stone concrete base which gives it a sincerer and deeper look.

The Gala

Similar in looks to the earlier two Blazing Beats burner, the Gala is the third in the Stone series which is slightly different in colour due to the White stacked stone used. This gives it a white and classy appearance all together.

The Loft, Heritage and FarmHouse

All the above models fall under the wooden series due to their appearances which gives a more wood like appearances. Although, this does not mean that there is any real element of wood in it. All these models are constructed in the same manner as the earlier burners. i.e. with a concrete base.

The Aspen and The Cape Cod

Besides, the colour and the looks, the rest of the working as well as material composition is all the same as in the earlier models. They both fall in the modern series of the entire Blazing Beats product series.

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