How To Download/Save Google Docs Images ( 100% Working 7 Method of 2018)

Google Docs is an open source free to use word processor by the Google. In simple term, it is Microsoft Words free version by the Google. You just need a Gmail account to use Google Docs. All of your documents will be stored on the google drive, as well as you can also download it for offline view.

How To Download Images From Google Docs

In Google docs, you can easily add text, videos, images, and other files. But when you try to directly download the images added on the DOC file, you do not find any option to save the image to your device.

But there are some tricks and hacks you can use to download/save images from a Google DOCs file to your device.

Method #1

Save The Doc To Web

  • Go to the Google DOC
  • Open the docs file
  • Tap on the file option from the menu
  • Click on the “publish to the web”
  • Now Click on publish
  • As you click on the publish, it will show you a public link of the document
  • Now open the link on a new tab
  • Right click on the image and open in a new tab
  • Now right click on the image opened in the new tab and choose “save image as”
  • You are done, the image is downloaded to your device for offline use

Method #2nd

Save the document as an HTML file

Here at this method, you have to first download the doc in the web page form (HTML) and then extract all the file to get all of the images added in the DOC.

  • Open the docs file
  • Click on the file option from the menu
  • Choose “download as”
  • Choose “Web Page”
  • Go to the folder where the file is downloaded
  • Unzip the folder
  • Choose image folder
  • You are done

Method #3rd

Use Add-ons

Like Google Chrome, Google DOC also supports add-ons which add extra features to your Google Docs.

  • From the main menu choose “Add-ons”
  • Select “Get Add-ons”
  • Search “image extractor” and add this addon to DOC
  • Now once again go to the Add-ons and choose “Image extractor”
  • Choose image which you want to download and save to your device.

Method #4th

Take Screenshot

In this method, we will take a screenshot of the picture instead of downloading the image.  The screenshot is a quick and fastest way to get the image to your local drive.

To take a screenshot you can use your pre-installed screenshot application in your device, like if you are using a MacBook then you can use comd+shift+4

Or you can install an application for your device. As well as there are lots of the browser add-ons for screenshots.

Method 5th

Download the document as Microsoft Word

  • Go to google docs and open the document
  • Choose file from the menu
  • Choose “download as” and select Microsoft word
  • Now open the downloaded document file and copy and paste anywhere

Method #6th

Use Google Keep To Save The Images

You can also use the option “Save to keep notepad” to download the image from the Google Docs

  • Select the image and right click
  • Choose “Save to keep notepad”, it will open a sidebar with the image
  • Right click on the image and choose “Save image as”

Method #7th

Use wordable but it is a premium service which let you import or export Google docs content to WordPress directly

Wordable will cost you 19$ per months and you can use it for unlimited import and exports to the unlimited sites. And if you pay for the year it will cost you 195$.

If you are interested to buy their premium subscription, so We will recommend you to try their service for free. You can get a few days of trial for free.

How to use the wordable to import and export from Google Docs to WordPress with all images

  1. Go to the wordable and give permission to access your Google DOCS
  2. Now go to the wordable dashboard and choose “export”
  3. Now choose “export to WordPress” and It will save a draft to your WordPress

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