How To Delete/Deactivate Reddit Account In Two Simple Steps?

Reddit is really an amazing platform where you can easily share information, your knowledge, ask to the experts and also a great place for online marketing.

Reddit was started in 2005 by the Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis Ohanian.

You can easily sign to the site with your desired username to enjoy Reddit journey or join the Reddit Premium membership

How To Delete Reddit Account?

But what if you want to delete your Reddit account, is it possible? If yes then, how you can deactivate Reddit account?

It is really simple and you can do this in a few simple steps.

Just go to the

How To Deactivate Reddit

Go to the user settings

User Settings

Now visit the account settings

In the bottom, you will find the option to deactivate your account.

You are just required to tap on the “Deactivate Account” and follow the instructions steps by step.

Activate Reddit Again After Deactivation

If you are looking for how you can activate your deactivated Reddit account, it will sad to know that you can not do this, once the Reddit Account is deactivated you can not activate it again.

Note: even you do this mistakenly, there is no comeback, so beware while using this feature.

How To Change The Reddit Username?

Like Reddit account, you can not change your username too, it will remain same once you will pick while sign up so please be careful while choosing your account username.

Even you can not change the single word in the username.

How To Delete A Reddit Post?

Yes it is possible to delete or edit your post anytime, you can do this by following these simple steps,

  • Go to your post
  • You will see the option “remove” below the post

Hide Option In Reddit

You can find hide option for all the Reddit posts, if you click on the Hide option the post will not see you again, it will get disappeared.

Hide Option In Reddit

This option is not to delete post posted by you instead it is for the post shown on the Reddit wall. Find here how you can post on Reddit