How To Post On Reddit Without Getting Banned?

As we know Reddit is one of the most popular user-generated content platforms where you can discuss, find the latest news, links, videos, photos, and much more. Using Reddit is very easy, you can start your Reddit journey with just a simple sign up, or also become the Reddit premium member

Posting to the Reddit is also easy, just follow these simple steps.

Registration: it is required to sign up, so first do this if you not registered yet, and log in to your account.

Choose Subreddit: All Reddit content is divided into subreddits, so just find the subreddit of your interested where you want to contribute your post.

Share Post: Now tap on the “Create Post” from the right sidebar of the Subreddit.

Still have confusion, just watch the video

Type Of Post On Reddiy

There are three main types of  posts, 

  • Post (Text-based post)
  • Image & Video
  • Links

How To Post On Reddit

Terms Of Posting On Reddit

As you know that whole Reddit community is divided into subreddits, and each Reddit account is moderated and maintained by their Admin. So every Subreddit has its own rules and regulation so it is totally up to the Subreddits that they allow you to post.

Things You Should Know About Reddit Posting

Strict Rules: Reddit is a very popular and huge fan base from worldwide because you can trust their information and contents. So Reddit has very strict rules and condition, especially for the new users until you achieved some good karma score.

Relevant Post: Every subreddit centered around some topics, so if you post something unrelated your post will get deleted within a few minutes.

You Can Not Be Intense: It means you can not excessively post on Reddit if you do, it will show you the warning message.

Banned: As I say the Subreddit moderator has right to delete your post or ban you in case of unrelevency, if your post gets deleted again and again you will get banned to Reddit for temporary or permanently.

Direct Advertisement: Reddit is a great place for marketing but it is a community platform, not marketing so if you do direct marketing you will get banned.

Duplicate Post: If you share any information or source which is already shared to the community, it will delete so check for the duplicate before the posting.

Community Rules: Every community/subreddit has their own rules, so please read the community rules before posting anything, you do no want to get banned. 

Reddit self-post

Reddit self-post is the post which contains no external links when you share a link it will take the user to a different web address but in the self-post a user just shares text-based information.

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