Here Is How To Use Google Go & All Its Features

Google Go is the best and most advanced way to search anything on Google, it is much advanced than Google Chrome becasue it comes with any advanced features like “Google makes it read”, translate and search with your camera, and many more other features too. Google Go minimize the data consumption to 40%, even the users do not need to worry about their slower internet connection, it works fine with low-speed internet.

Here is The Quick Tutorial About Using Google Go

How To Search Anything On Google Go?

  • Open the Google Go App
  • From home screen tap on “search”
  • Type whatever you are looking
  • Click go

How To Search Anything On Google Go?

Tip: As you will click on the search bar it will bring you all popular searches, so from here you can find new stuff to explore.

Voice Search

  • It works like a normal Google search
  • Go to the home
  • Tap “voice”, if you just installed the app then it will ask you to allow audio so just allow it
  • Now speak your need into the phone

Voice Search

How To Use Google Go Lens

  • Tap on “Lens” from the home
  • It will open the camera so just take a photo of anything
  • Wait for a second and it will show you three options,

Translate: It will translate the text written on the image

Listen: Google will start reading the text on Image

Search: Here google search the image to find related results

Google Go Lens

What Is Discover?

At here you can get all the trending and latest news stories from the top authorities sites. It is very similar to google news. So now you do not need to visit multiples sites to find recent stories just go to the discover in Google Go app and find all the popular stories.



It is not like opening image on your normal chrome in your windows or android device. It is very much different, it shows you the image search option and some images category.

If you are up to any specific kind of image then directly search otherwise, can explore the category. 



Gifs work the same way as images you can choose any category or can directly search from the Gif search bar.


How To Find All Downloads?

You can find all of your downloads by simply tapping on “Download” from the home screen.

What Is “All Apps” Option? And How To Use It?

Here you can access the top 10 websites of the internet in different categories like social, government, news, sports, game, etc.

So now you do not need to focus your mind to remember website names, just go to the “All Apps” from the Google Go and pick the best option.

All Apps”

Categories which Included

  • Social
  • Entertainment
  • Google
  • Games
  • Sports
  • News
  • Shopping
  • References
  • Banking & Finance
  • Government
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Job
  • Food
  • Health & Medicine
  • Music
  • Beauty & Fashion

How To Add Your Desired App To The Homescreen

  • From home tap on “Add apps” and it will bring all of the apps
  • Choose your desired one
  • Done 

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