What is Intelligent Lockscreen (Adware)? And How To Remove It Permanently?

The term ‘Intelligent Lockscreen’ may sound all fancy and techie when you hear it for the first time. And it is very natural that whenever you add a word like ‘Intelligent’ or ‘AI’ to something it automatically turns it into something obviously very sophisticated or at least makes it sound all sophisticated and rocket science. But however, to everyone’s disappointment that is not the case today. In fact, there is absolutely nothing very Intelligent when it comes to our Intelligent Lockscreen we have today.

And the very reason I am saying is because of the fact that this Intelligent Lockscreen is nothing fancy but rather an unintelligent, poor and ere valent pop-up or notification which may show up on your Android smartphone’s home screen at the time of charging. And what makes it more annoying is that it only let’s you choose from between two specific options or rather buttons, “Later” or “OK”, which in itself is all hay-wire.

What is Intelligent Lockscreen (Adware)?

Also, the reason why I say all hay-wire is because no normal app or device notification will come up with such a lame pop-up box asking you to choose from options which basically mean the same thing. So, what’s the catch?

It is actually quite clear and obvious that the “Intelligent Lockscreen” notification is nothing more but simply an adware. A clumsy, clingy and annoying adware which is obviously if not much but still malicious in nature which will disrupt your smart phone’s functions, if not taken care off when there is time.

There are also a number of complaints in the past which say that this adware is also capable of blocking any kind of access to the device, where users are unable to carry out even simple functions like browsing through the home screen or opening up apps. Also, at times the adware acts so bizarre that even the power buttons seem to not work. And when that happens its time you understand that your device is in somewhat real trouble.

So, now that we have seen what harm such kind of “Intelligent Lockscreen” ad wares can cause. I guess it is time we look into what steps or precautions we can take to take care of such a nuisance and fix what has gone wrong.

How To Remove The Intelligent Lockscreen Adware?

Here, below I have tried to show and explain all the necessary steps and methods you can use to get rid of this clumsy yet harmful ad ware and also described how one can stay away from such ad wares in the near future.

One other interesting point about this ad ware which I have come to realize after coming across the thousands of complaints worldwide is that this ad ware can mostly be found to make its way into Samsung handsets. Although, that does not mean that it cannot affect any other android devices. Still, there is a higher possibility that if you have a Samsung handset your device is more prone to it than other such devices.

What Precautions Should Be Taken To Stay Away From The Intelligent Lockscreen Adware?

As they say that precaution is better than cure. Similarly, I believe that knowing how to stay safe is more beneficial and important than get affected and then look out for remedies. With that said, in the following section I will be describing to you some of such precautionary measures or steps which you can follow to stay safe and away from all the unnecessary trouble. But, if you are someone who has been already affected, then you can directly jump to “Steps to remove the Intelligent Lockscreen adware” and get straight down to business.

  • The source – This is by far one of the most important point you should always keep in mind. Most often the very first reason that a device or machine is affected with some kind or the other malicious program or trojan is the source. And by source, I specifically mean it can either be a suspicious URL from the Internet or any other device from where you get some kind of files be it in the form of apps or music or even some kind of document files or so. Hence, it is very important to be sure of the authenticity and safety of a source before you download any kind of files from it. If a website or source looks even somewhat suspicious or less secured. Then my advice to you would be stay away from such sources.
  • Regular Update of OS – Many a times, just because the device OS is not up to date or not upgraded, such type of complications can show up. Today, there are new types of virus being created everyday and to stay up to that competition, even OS developers regularly make changes and upgradation to tackle such malicious agents from affecting a device or so. Thus, it is advised that you should regularly update an OS when ever it is necessary and when ever you find a stable upgraded version available. Again, one other point to remember is at the time of upgradation always opt for a version which is Stable and not one which is still in Beta version. The reason is pretty simple actually, as Beta versions are most often still on preliminary stages. They still consist of a lot of exploits and loop holes which can be easily exploited with such malicious apps or trojans. Hence, it is a better idea to wait for a Stable version or stick to one that is already with you.

What is Intelligent Lockscreen (Adware)?

Steps To Remove The Intelligent Lockscreen Adware

Finally, we are in the section where I list out and explain all the steps needed to remove this adware of ours once and for all.

  • Firstly, you need to Uninstall any kind of suspicious apps which you think may have caused the adware to make its way into your device. Most often ad wares make their way into a device with the help of apps which you download into the device without being aware of whether it is malicious in nature or not. So, if you have suspicion on any such apps or new files, get rid of them as immediately as possible.
  • Secondly, and most importantly look out for an app or file which consist of the term “Peel”. If you see anything like Peelsmart remote app or so. Then delete such apps at once.
  • Thirdly, once you have gotten rid of all such suspisious apps and apps consisting of the term Peel in it. Now, you can finally “Reset” your device. Resetting the device will not only get rid of all the cache memory but will also help make the changes more permanent.

NOTE: Even after following all the steps properly, still after the RESET the adware remains and the same problem arises. Then you will need to reset your device to the Factory settings. Here you should be aware that while resetting your device to Factory settings, all changes you have made to your device and data will also be formatted. Hence, it is advised that if you have something very important. First, create a backup of those files and only then proceed with it.

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