Is Kingroot Safe? What Problems You Will Face While Using Kingroot?

Well, first of all rooting a device in itself holds a number of pros and cons. So, before we look into whether Kingroot is purely safe or not. Let us first have a little peek into the whole concept and working of rooting and whether it is really necessary or the risks associated with it are just too high a price to pay for a little freedom.

Today in the world, there are many android devices. Similarly, with such a huge number of android devices, the number of android users too are at a large. And if you are one of them, there must be a time when you as an Android user may have come across some annoying pre-installed apps on your device which you just can’t delete or remove. Yes, we all have gone through that experience. There is a time when you just feel like you need and want full access to your device. To do what ever you want with it. Afterall, it is your device and you have paid for it full. But sadly, most manufacturers do not share the same opinion. And hence, you will most often find such sticky apps (bloatwares) who will just not want to leave your device, eating up all your memory space, battery life and data.

Is Kingroot Safe

So, to take care of such annoying bloatwares and unnecessary drainage of data and battery. The best option you can go for is rooting up your entire device which allows you to gain full access to your device and do whatever you want to with it.

Now, let us have a look into some of the risks which may be associated with rooting up a device or installing such rooting apps as Kingroot into your devices.

Is Kingroot Safe Enough?

Enough is one word you should always put behind apps as such which asks for full root access to a device. If the need of rooting with such an app exceeds the risks associated with it. Only then I believe one should move forward with such apps which asks for such permissions to your device.

Although, there are many such rooting apps readily available throughout the Internet today. Kingroot, I would say is one which can do the job really well and easy. But again, one must ask what danger are we playing with.

The source

The very first thing which is fishy about Kingroot is its source.  The origin of this app still does not seem very genuine. There is just no mention of the developers who developed the app or other such information which would help build a little trust. The only thing we know is that this app was developed and built somewhere in China. And when it comes to apps coming out of China, there is always a little risk of compromising of data.

Sends IMEI information back to its servers

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) information is sent back to its servers in China. Although, we really don’t know what is the use of an IMEI number to a rooting app or to how does it help them improve the service. Still, the question arises. Is it really necessary to send back the IMEI information of device to its servers?

Sends IMEI information back to its servers

What are some of the other risks of rooting an Android device?

Now, that we have gone though whether the Kingroot rooting app is safe or not for your Android device. I think it wont kill anyone to know a few other things or risks associated with rooting up a device or installing such rooting apps into one’s device.

  • The very first thing you should be aware of while rooting up a device is that check whether the device you want to root is still under the warranty period or not. If you root a device while still under warranty period then you can avail no services or claim any kind of warranty once you root a device. So, if you think the need of rooting a device is greater than the services which you can avail under warranty. Only then should you move forward.

It is advised however, that you wait for the warranty to expire and only then root a device.

  • Secondly, you must be very careful and aware of the source or what kind of rooting app you are installing into your device. Many a times, such apps are malicious in nature depending upon the developer and source. Also, the fact that such apps need to work in full root access makes the risks even higher. Thus, it is strongly recommended that while downloading any such apps you should be very sure of the source from where you are downloading it.


In the end, I believe that after going through all the points and understanding the pros and risks. You will be able to make a more calculative and better decision on whether to go with such an app or not. Whether the gains are greater than the risks at stake.

Thus, once you ask all these questions and reach a final conclusion. You can very well move forward to how to go about rooting your device.

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