JARVISH – The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Review (Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet )

If you are a MARVEL fan and have not missed out on any IRONMAN movies or comics. Then the term “JARVISH” will not seem very alien. Just as the name suggest “JARVISH” too is just like Stark’s very own AI system known “JARVIS”. However, if you are someone who is no fan of IRONMAN or MARVEL. Still, I am pretty sure and is obvious that you have seen some sci-fi movie or the other where someone wearing a helmet gets fed on with integrated data for better decision making and enhancement in the way a user may work. This is the same in the case of “JARVISH”, the world’s first smart motorcycle helmet.

So, what exactly this JARVISH helmet can do that make it the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. Let us have a look.

JARVISH - The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Review

A little about the JARVISH smart helmet

What material is it made off?

To start of simply, the JARVISH helmet looks like any normal motorcycle helmet. The shape, size and looks may very well be less or no different than any other normal motorcycles helmet you purchase from stores. However, everything that makes this innovative piece of art different from the rest is everything that is inside it.

The JARVISH helmet is made up completely of pure polycarbonate carbon fibre which automatically makes the helmet extremely light weighted and very protective in nature. Also, the aerodynamic design of the helmet along with the carbon fibre composition of the helmet gives it a total boost when it comes to comfort for a user wearing the JARVISH helmet. They are said to weight just 1.4 kgs and 1.7 kgs depending upon the variants which if you ask me is quite less compared to the techie things that I am going to discuss further.

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What tech has been used?

Now, that we have covered what the helmet is made off. Let us next come to the more fun and interesting part of the helmet, i.e. the AR (Augmented reality) technology used in this sleek 21st century smart helmet.

So, what is AR, many might ask. Well for those who are new to the term Augmented Reality or AR is basically the process where the objects in a real-world environment are augmented or say digitized for better perception through different senses. These senses may include the very basic visual and auditory senses to the very complex haptic, somatosensory and olfactory senses. Thus, when it comes to AR it may give you a very calculative sense all together to understand your environment better and work accordingly to it.

How does the JARVISH helmet work?

Since, we have seen what tech has been used. Now, let us have a look at the different features the helmet has in store for us and how the tech is used for the helmet to work as it is supposed to.

3600 Front And Rear Cameras

If you are a video blogger cum sports enthusiast or is someone who loves to capture their long rides to enjoy later, then you will surely be AWED! By this feature. The JARVISH helmet X-AR comes equipped with two 2k built in cameras. One at the front and one at the back for behind view, whereas the other standard model, the JARVISH X comes with only one front 2k built-in camera.

3600 Front and Rear Cameras

So, if any day you want to record a full HD video of your ride. Then there is no better option then this smart helmet. Moreover, the videos can be stored on a built in memory of 16 GB which can be expanded up-to a 256 GB removable memory card in the helmet itself. Thus, enabling you to store and delete content without any worries.

And it is not just limited to that. You can also have a live broadcast of your riding experience on any social media account at just the go of a voice command.

Head-Up display

The other crazy addition to this amazing smart helmet is the Head-up display which comes and goes at the swift command of your voice. It is basically a small squared shape display that comes in-front of a single eye and helps you with a set of visual instructions on road while riding.

Some of the functions of this Head-Up display consists of notifications of traffic, weather conditions, indicators, speed, hazard road signs, incoming caller IDs and most importantly directions that are displayed. All these features play a significant role in letting the rider stay completely focused on the road and take smart decisions according to the data that is put out in-front of the rider.

Also, the Head-up display has been designed and built in such a way that a rider can easily view and understand projections and notifications even under bright lights from any sources. However, sadly like the earlier two camera feature, this too is only limited to the X-AR model of the JARVISH series.

GPS Navigation

The GPS Navigation feature like any other navigation system helps you through projected directions and instructions. This navigation system can be set via the JARVISH app which comes along with the purchase and by using this app you can feed in all the data required like destination address or change in address and so on. And all this with just a simple voice command. This feature is available in both the models JARVISH X and JARVISH X-AR.

3600 Front and Rear Cameras

Active Noise Cancellation

Now, what if I say like noise cancellation head-sets, the JARVISH helmet too comes equipped with a Noise Cancellation feature. Sounds a bit out of the box right. Well when it comes to giving the rider the best riding experience, the JARVISH team managed to think a step ahead. This smart helmet lets you get rid of any distraction noise at will. This helmet is equipped with an individual audio processor which is able to regenerate high resolution sound quality by cancelling any kind of noise which may disturb your ear drum while shooting away down the road. It not only helps keep your ear drums away from any kind of damage but also lets you receive clear audio while on a call when riding on high speeds up to 100 kph.

Smart Responsive Sensors

Another great addition to the product which helps it stand out is the number of high responsive sensors. These automated sensors let you turn on the helmet automatically just by wearing it on and switches it off when you remove it. Not only that but a number of sensors like e-compass, gyro, accelerometer and light sensors are the number of techs which help the helmet to respond to the changes and analyse them to give you correct weather reports as well as real time warnings and alert notifications.

Voice Command

Lastly, the tech that makes half of the helmet what it is, may be very well be the Voice Control / Command feature. The JARVISH helmets are all voice activated and there is no need to work with any kind of buttons or whatsoever. You simply need to talk into the helmet and you are all set for the ride. This not only gives you complete freedom of picking calls whenever you need but also helps you keep yourself completely focused on road, which is the most important rule of a safe ride. You can control the cameras, play music, adjust volume and much more simply by a single voice command. All this is possible with most popular voice services like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa or OK Google, which ever you may choose.

Some Other Features


When it comes to being water resistant, you need not worry at all, as the JARVISH smart helmets have been well tested and has been IPX6 certified. This means that under exposure to water jets against it, there shall be no risks or damage of any kind to the internal techs or the rider for that matter at all.


Coming to the battery life and composition of the battery. The JARVISH X and X-AR comes equipped with Military grade Solid State FLCB i.e. Flexible type Lithium Ceramic Battery. And the reason that it is said to be military grade is because under any circumstances it is guaranteed that no faults will arise up from the battery which may harm the rider in any way or so.

And most importantly, the charging type for both the models is Wireless Charging, automatically saving the rider from a lot of unnecessary extra work.

Also, the battery life in both the models are a bit different from each other as can be seen below.

  • 4 Hours – JARVISH X
  • 6 Hours – JARVISH X – AR


The visor that comes along with the helmet is said to be an electroplated visor that is expected to be fully Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare and Anti-Fog in nature. This will not only allow you to drive freely in a foggy or extremely sunny environment. But, will also keep your vision clear for years to come.

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While talking about the different sizes available for the JARVISH X and JARVISH X-AR, there are a number of variant sizes out there.

The sizes vary from Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large to Double Extra Large (XXL). Thus, giving a lot of variants to choose from easily.

Comparison Between The Jarvish X And Jarvish X-AR So, When Is It Coming?

The order which have been already placed and to be placed is said to begin shipping by August 2019 for JARVISH X and is priced at $499. And as for JARVISH X-AR the shipping is said to begin by the mid of September 2019 and is priced at $999.

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