Microsoft SMS Organizer Review: All You Need To Know About The App

Are you not bored with your old fashioned pre-installed messaging app in your Android device which looks like hell and leads you to so much confusion between personal, professional and financial messages. Managing your messages on your pre-installed messaging app can lead you to a headache with no satisfying results.

To take you out of this problem Microsoft just launched a new messaging app called SMS organizer for the Android, It is a part of the Microsoft garage project.

Microsoft SMS Organizer Review

The app SMS organizer is really the smartest way to organize your messages in categories. The app is designed to automatically analyze and separately organize your messages between personal, promotional and Finance messages.

The app also protects your privacy, as the app is going to analyze and maintain some of your very personal and important data, so it is very important for us that our data is not going to be uploaded or use somewhere else.

The app does not use your data to upload somewhere else, your privacy and all informations are completely secure with the SMS Organizer.

Because you can also set reminders in the SMS organizer so now you do not even worry about forgetting something. Just open the SMS organizer and set a reminder and never forget anything which important to you.

Why You Should Use SMS Organizer (Top Features)

Live Train Status

This is a really very cool feature, we do not think any of the messaging apps contain this feature. The app lets you update the live status of the train anytime in any place.  and the best part this feature does not require any internet connection, If you are traveling in a train and want to see your train destination status. Even with a few clicks, you can also share your train location to the others to inform them.

Best Offers On the Internet:

The app also informs you about the best offers on the internet on different websites. You can easily find all of the offers from the offer tab of the app. With a single tap, you will find all of the best offers.

Your Bank Passbook

Tracking all of your expenses to calculate them at the end of the month is really hard work which takes a lot of your time. But with the SMS organizer, it is an easy task.  The app keeps you informed about your bank accounts and wallets so you can easily track your balance is and your expenses, all in one place.

Automatic Reminder

The app will let you know about the appointments, flights, online booking status, etc automatically. It automatically crawls the information from your messages and keeps you remind things which  you should not miss.

Voice Typing

if you’re bored with the old method of typing with your fingers, then here on this app you can easily type messages with your voice which will save time and effort.

Easily Share Bill With Others:

You can easily share any of the bill information to your contacts so they can pay the bills at the right time to avoid inconvenience.

Backup To Your Drive

What if you lost your phone, you also lost all of your important messages as well. But this app automatically backup your messages to your selected Google Drive so you can easily backup the messages whenever you want, or when you reinstall the app.

Android Messages Filter

You can easily find and read all of the unread messages without being disturbed by the already read messages.

No Internet Needed

All of these cool features do not require an internet connection to work, they work perfectly offline.

Custom Signature

If you are a professional or a company then you can create your custom signature to add in all of your messages.

Auto Delete

You can set the app to automatically delete all of the old OTP, promotional, and block messages. You can also set a custom time frame as per your preference to auto Delete messages.

Notification Settings

You can check and set the notification settings according to you.


Still there are seven colors are available in the themes which gives a very decent and a very clean look to the app.

Offer Tab Is Optional

As we share in the beginning that the app lets you find all of the best offers on the internet, but it is optional if you do not want to get information about the offers then you can close the offer tab.

Extra Security For Finance

As your messaging app contains some of the very sensitive information like OTP bank account numbers etc, so to ensure safety the app offers you extra security for finance  SMS.

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