How to Play PubG on Windows PC : PubG Emulator

PubG is one of the most downloaded game in 2018 and this Android games users are increasing exponentially every week. PubG is an online Battle Royale game Developed by a Korean Company PUBG Corporation. At a time 100 Random players around the world join a server to play in a map and the one who remains, at last, is declared as the winner. PubG’s Ever improving graphics and features have gained the love of the users.

But the gameplay experience is better on big screens and if you are a PC gamer playing a shooting game on android becomes very difficult. Tencent has officially released the emulator for playing PubG on windows PC. With PubG emulator can install the game and enjoy the complete experience game using the keyword and mouse of your PC. Read this article completely to get the download link for the emulator and the instructions to install it completely.


How to Download & Install PubG Emulator

  1. Download PubG Emulator Download Client from Official website of Tencent games (Here).
  2. Open the Download Client (named in Format GameDownload_PubG_Mobile_XXX.exe) and click on Install Button.
  3. This will start the downloading of Emulator first and once its completed it will automatically start the download of PubG game just sit back and wait! as it may take some time.
  4. Once Download and installation are completed, it will open the PubG game on your PC. Start the game like you would on android phone.

PubG game buddy emulator

The Interface of PubG Emulator looks like in the one in the image above. Take your mouse cursor to the right side of the emulator screen and drag towards the left to see the controls menu on the screen. You will also be guided with the control instructions in between the gameplay.

Why Prefer PubG Emulator over other emulators?

It is always recommended to use the Emulator made by Tencent games over other emulators available online like bluestacks because of the following reasons.

  • The Emulator by Tencent games is the official version and so you can expect the least bugs while playing.
  • Downloading from the Official website reduces the risk of being tricked with fake download links and virus attacks on your PC.
  • PubG emulator only works to run PubG on it, it makes the emulator very light weight unlike other Android emulators for which you need to install complete android operating system in order to install PubG.
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    This is just a Beta version now, Tencent games is constantly working for the betterment of the emulator with the development works, soon or later this emulator is going to become bug-less. 

Bugs in PubG Emulator by Tencent Games

Tencent games at the right time detected the demand for the PC version of PubG and developed an Emulator which makes installing the game on PC easier. Although it gives the best experience compared with other options, we need to accept that this emulator is now only a Beta version from the developers. There are some bugs in the software which are expected to be fixed soon in the upcoming versions, read about all the existing bugs below.

  • Although Tencent games have worked well for reducing the hang in between the games, still sometimes the game gets struct in between for seconds which increases the chance of dying many times. But its observed that the after 15-20 minutes of continuous playing the gameplay become smooth without any hang in-between.
  • While driving vehicles in the game the controls become hectic, automatically car moves in different directions sometimes.

These were the only 2 bugs we found while playing PubG on mobile. If you see any other bug feel free to report us through comments.


Hope you enjoyed knowing the official way to install and play PubG on any windows PC. Share this with your PubG Teammates and enjoy better gameplay. Keep visiting Doubtt to get latest Technology hacks daily.

PubG for PC Conclusion

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