Top 8 Best Sites like Putlocker In 2018 For Free TV & Movie Streaming

Now who would not appreciate and love an unlimited source of the latest movies and TV shows to be watched and enjoyed everyday. Entertainment is such a thing which just cannot ever bore you. And hence the name entertainment I guess, always their to entertainment you. Movies, TV Series and Shows are such entertainment sources where all you need to do is sit, relax and get entertained. But, most often as you all know everything comes with a price today. And Movies and TV shows are no strangers to this concept too. Your favorite content will most often come with a price tag of its own. So, does an unlimited access to this kind entertainments put a flame in your pockets? Well a good news for you. It does not always have to be the case. There are some awesome services and websites online which can make this unlimited access to dream a reality and that too all “FREE”. Hence, today I ll be listing to you such top 8 Sites like the most famous Putlocker where you can find unlimited free streams of your most favorite TV shows and Movies.

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Type of License: Free

The website has just something really soothing about it. Although a free streaming website, this is one such website which makes you feel pretty cozy when you search or browse for a content of your choice. The website offers you some of the best TV shows and recent movies which you can stream and enjoy online very easily as the interface is quite user friendly and easy to move around. Thus, making your streaming and browsing experience here worthwhile. The website has got two main categories, namely Movies and TV Shows. Where the Movies category further drop downs to let you select from wide number of genres like ACTION, ANIME, CRIME, there on the other hand the TV Shows category still has not been divided into different genres. In addition to that there is a CALENDER category which lists our TV Shows and Movies according to the date of airing and a REQUEST option where you can request the website team for a Movie or TV show to be aired of your choice. Lastly, the website also comes with a SEARCH bar option with which searching your desired content becomes just a whole lot simpler and easier.

Top 8 Best Sites like Putlocker In 2018


Type of License: Free

This name might not come as a surprise for most free streamers. At least at some point of time you must have come across this name or site if you are looking for free source of entertainment like me. Fmovies have been there for quite a while now and without any much doubt has made quite a reputation of its own for the most updated and latest content that they provide. The website is pretty easy to figure out and access and does not require any annoying registrations or subscriptions. It is mainly divided into 8 main categories : Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, Cinema Movies, A-Z List, Release and Most Watched. Out of all these categories, however my favorite one is Country which will let you explore movies from different countries like China, Euro, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and a few more. This really gives you an opportunity to explore content all over the globe. Lastly, just like our previous website, Fmovies too comes with a Search bar of their own with which searching your desired content just becomes simple and easy.

Top 8 Best Sites like Putlocker


Type of License: Free

This is one of my personal favorites to be honest and have been there for quite a while climbing slowly and steadily to become one of those websites which provide quality content over quality I guess. Although, the site does not comprise a huge number of content. Still it has some of the very best and unique collection of Movies. They also have a number of TV Series collections with them but mostly I would say they are mainly focused on bringing you some quality and unique sets of movies. Apart from all that the website looks pretty simple and decent without much fancy looks or so. There are four main categories : Most Viewed, Recent Movies, Years and Genres which are pretty self explanatory and I guess do not need much explanation. Also, like our previous alternatives, it too has a Search bar which searching your desired Movies and TV shows over the website much easier.

Top Best Sites like Putlocker In 2018


Type of License: FREE

GoMovies, I would say is more like Fmovies and Putlockermovies combined together. When you talk about the categories and features of the website. It has got a part of both the above mentioned websites. The website like Fmovies has a Country section where you can find movies from countries all around the world and there is a Request section like that of Putlockermovies where you can request a content which you want the Gomovies team to bring to you. Apart from these two categories, the other categories include Genre, TV-Series, A-Z List, TOP IMDb and News. You can also subscribe to their newsletter that keeps you regularly informed and updated about any new Movies and TV Shows uploaded to it from time to time. And last but not the least the website too comes with a Search bar which does the same job like the others.

Best Sites like Putlocker


Type of License: Free

This is one free movie streaming website which is most frequently and regularly updated. The interface looks pretty sweet and app like with the Search bar right at the center giving it a pretty search engine like appearance all together. It has got a menu bar at the top which has the following categories like Genres, Country, Release, Movies, TV-Series, TOP-IMDb, Watched and Last Added. Again, the Country option does the same job as we had seen in the earlier alternatives. But, the collection of country is quite large as compared to that of Fmovies and Gomovies.

Sites like Putlocker



For many online streamers this is the best free online streaming website out there. It is pretty much like torrent where you will find 1337x users uploading and sharing torrent files for everyone to access and enjoy free and without any cost. This is the best thing I like about the free community who strongly believe in sharing is caring and grow stronger and popular day by day. The website has got a pretty professional and at the same time a very cool look with a Search bar at the center and Category tabs listed serially below it. The categories range from Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, Other to 18+content tabs. So in short this site is pretty much like any Torrent Site but with a sleek interface and looks. Also, you have the provision of Registering yourself and Logging in. Although it is not really required or a must.

Sites like Putlocker


Type of License: Free

Count from one to three and just stream movies. No registration, no Sign up. Simply click on your desired content and sit down and enjoy. The website although a free streaming website is pretty premium looking just like you would find in some paid online service website. There are mainly eight menu categories namely Genre, Country, TV-Series, Movies, TOP IMDb, A-Z List, News and Request, where Country and Request does pretty much the same job as we had seen earlier in the previous alternatives.

Putlocker alternatives


Type of License: Free

This is a pretty simple looking and basic website which only holds movies and nothing else. It is mainly focused on providing you with the best movies both recent and old. There is a basic Search bar for you too search your desired content there along with two main categories Watch Movies and Most Watched. However you can choose the type of movies you want to browse and watch from the Genre list which is listed down at the bottom of the page.

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