Storify Is Shut Down: Here Are The Best Alternatives And Similar Sites

Storify is dead now permanently, now you will not be able to use the site anymore. So here we are adding a list of popular storify similar sites of 2019.

Storify was a social networking website and a semi blogging site like where you can start your bog for the free in easy steps. At Storify, you can publish your own written story or can showcase stories from the top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. It was started by Xavier Damman, Burt Herman in September 2010.

Storify alternatives

What You Could Do At Storify

  • Read or published the latest news from any trustful source
  • Bogging
  • Ask questions or answers to others
  • Hashtag campaigns

Top Features

Collaboration In Real-Time: You can collaborate with multiple editors to update, or publish the post from anywhere.

Embed Content From Social Network: Easily you can share the content from the top social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Easily Engagement: You can get good engagement on your post in an easy way by just pinning content, side notes, sharing on social networks, etc.


Medium is also a great online content publishing platform like Storify where you can publish content in easy steps. Medium is free, it not required to pay so you can start for free. Medium was started by Evan Williams in 2012, he is also the founder of blogger and twitter.

Medium is the best and very known place to write and read stories, ideas, and passion. Many known personalities and professionals run their blogs on Medium.

How To Post On Medium

Sign Up: First register yourself with your email id or using your Facebook account.

Login: Once sign up is done, log in to medium and complete your profile details for good results.

New Story: Just tap on the option “New Story”

Add Your Post: just write your post and publish it.

Things You Can Do

  1. Publish your posts
  2. Read other peoples post
  3. Search interest-based story results
  4. Participate in post discussion


Medium comes with the freemium license which means you can use it for free but for the complete access and more benefits users have to buy the membership.

Membership will cost you 5$ months and if you go for the yearly plan then it will cost 50$


Scoopit is one of the popular content curation web tool (website) where you can easily curate content from the web link, social platforms like facebook, youtube and more. Scoopit was started in 2007 and today it is the best and trusted place to find news, content ideas, resources and much else.


What You Can Do Scoopit

Create content from Link: You can curate content from a web link, you just need to copy and paste the web link to curate content.

Scoop Without Link: If you are having any resource, information, news, or something else, you can share with the Scoopit community.  Scoop Without Link will not contain any link, it will just a text post.

Upload Documents: Here you can upload and share your documents but for this, you have to buy their membership.

Scoopit Membership Plan

  1. Pro: it is basic membership pan which will cost $17.99 Monthly
  2. Plus: $79 Monthly
  3. Enterprise: You have to contact their team to find the price


Tumblr is also a good choice as an alternative to Scoopit, it is a social networking and microblogging site founded by David Karp in 2007. The site let you do a lot of things like you can curate content from weblink or social media, write and publish your blog or ideas, can chat with other members, connect and add other to your contact list to talk and discuss with them, and much else you can do here.


How To Use Tumblr

Registration: Sign up is compulsory to add content to Tumblr but if you are looking for something then you do not require Registration.

Compete Account Information: Go the setting and add basic details.

Publish Post: Now you can publish your ideas or share your interest with others.

What You Can Do Here

Text-Based Post: Here you can publish a blog, your ideas, any kind of information, news or something else. You can also add multimedia likes photos, videos, and GIFS.

Photos: Here you can add pictures from the web link or you can upload from your device.

Quotes: You can share any quote from the web with source, or if you write well then you can share yours.

Link: Here you can curate content from a web link or any social platform.

Songs: Here you can share songs from the web.

Videos: Like photos, you can share a video from the web or can upload from the device.


Pearltress is a content curation web tool created by Patrice Lamothe, Francois Rocaboy, Alain Cohen, Samuel Tissier, and Nicolas Cynober in 2009.

The site allows you to organize, and share any URL from the web or can explore other’s shared interests. Pearltress comes with the premium license, which you can use it for free but for more features and benefits you can buy a premium membership.

Only register users can use the site, but without registration, you can explore the content. So first go to the site and register yourself for free with your email, or can log in with Facebook or twitter.



Flipboard is a world-leading content curation site and apps for news on any topic. You can download the app or can access the site from the browser to daily find updated content. Flipboard was started in 2010 and developed by Mike McCue and Evan Doll.

You can easily find daily updated stories in your interest, just go to the list of topics covered by Flipboard and select your interest.



10 For Today: Here you can find the top 10 stories of the day picked by UK editorial.

For You: here you will get picked stories from your chosen interest during sign up.

What’s Your Passion: Here you can get the list of all topics supported by Flipboard.

Create Content: You can curate content from any online web link or you can do it by using their Flipboard browser extension.

Magzine: You can organize and divide your liked stories by making different magazines. is a freemium web tool where you can collect your interest and passion at one place to share with others. It is like a bookmarking tool where you can collect web links to share with others who share the similar interest, or you can make your collection private.

You can start at for free, but if you want to take advantage of more benefits and features then you can go for their pro plan which will cost you $9 each month.


Create Your Community: make a public profile at and start sharing fresh and updates content sources to entertain your audience.

Curate Content: You can easily curate content from the web to showcase stories, you can also use it to promote your website by curating and showcasing content from your website.

Email Newsletter: You can establish yourself or your brand as a “Go to” source by sending collected content by Email Newsletter.

Mix is a bookmarking website where you can bookmark links and showcase under your profile, or can explore the best content of the web. Mx is an open-source, you are just required to sign up to enjoy the site’s benefits. You can sign up with your twitter or facebook account or you can use your email.

You can explore from the web browser or can download the app for the Android and IOS from the app store. The mix is also a good platform for marketing your blog or company content by showcasing to

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