15 Cool Fun & Pointless Websites To Help You Kill Time When Bored

It’s the digital age where you are always connected, the power of internet at your fingertips. But even with so much to do online, most of us are spending this time going through mind numbing content on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

I don’t say all content is useless but I would hardly call posts by 9gag or menshumor to be productive. It’s always ok to get some laughs but going through post after post of such things is enough to shut down your brain.

So, what we have done is compiled a list of websites that you can visit to kill time but at the same time make sure that it’s not numbing you down.

How to do ThingsOfficial Site
The Secret DoorOfficial Site
Museum of Endangered SoundsOfficial Site
Flight Radar 24Official Site
EelslapOfficial Site
CleverbotOfficial Site
Big ThinkOfficial Site
Find the Invisible CowOfficial Site
The Useless WebOfficial Site
One Tiny HandOfficial Site
Just Shower ThoughtsOfficial Site
Just This Giant Wikipedia List of DogsOfficial Site
Gross ScienceOfficial Site
The Passive Aggressive Password MachineOfficial Site
GiphyOfficial Site

List Of Interesting Websites To Try When Bored

How to do Things

If you really have time to kill you might already have heard of this website or been redirected there through a Google search. This is a site which basically tells you how to do things. Now it might not sound funny in this context but you might change your mind once you get on there and learn how to do things such as ‘farting silently’ or ‘stop nail biting’.

The Secret Door

Majority of people love to travel and see new places. What if you were told you can do it from the comfort of your home or office? The Secret Door is a site that takes you to an entirely random place with the aid of Google Street View.

The Secret Door

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Most people probably remember the tone a dial-up-modem used to play while connecting or the old Nokia tune which most people are familiar with. Well get ready to take a trip down memory lane because this site has it all, sounds and tunes from the near yet distant past.

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Flight Radar 24

Flying is fast becoming the number one means to travel because of the time it saves compared to other means. Flight Radar 24 is a site where you can track every plane that’s flying anywhere in the world. I mean, why not?


We all sometimes get so frustrated and angry at times that all we want to do is slap someone and just get it all out. Well, fear not, Eelslap is here to help. This is a site which comprises of just a gif of a person getting slapped by an eel. Just have faith and give it a whiz, you will not be disappointed.


Everybody needs to talk to someone once in a while but it is does not necessarily mean that someone needs to be a person. Presenting Cleverbot, an application you can talk to. Cleverbot has been around much longer than the AI tech that’s coming around now (in your face Siri).

Big Think

The world is constantly changing, with ideas coming in from every nook and cranny. But its hard for people to be up to date with all the innovative and ingenious ideas which are transforming the world as we know. This is where Big Think comes in. Big Think helps by updating us with all the great ideas being conceived around the world.

Find the Invisible Cow

Most people would be aware of the hiding game ‘Hot and Cold’. Find the Invisible Cow is a hilarious twist to the game where you have to move your cursor around on the screen and you hear a cow mooing. The closer you are, the louder it gets. Believe us when we say this game is played globally.

The Useless Web

If you are getting bored of this list and are itching to get back on Facebook or Instagram, let us offer an alternative. The Useless Web is a site where you click a button and you are taken to a web site that is literally useless. It is actually fun and better than social media.


One Tiny Hand

Everybody enjoys looking at photoshopped pictures of famous celebrities. It’s a source of great laughs for us and things like this become viral pretty fast. One Tiny Hand is a weirdly interesting site where celebrities are photoshopped with one of their hands smaller than the other (imagine Donald Trump with One Tiny Hand).

Just Shower Thoughts

It must have happened to you at least once when you are taking a shower that you are hit with a thought that can possibly change the world as we know it (apparently *roll eyes*) and you want to share it with the world but not on social media (my friends are stupid, they won’t understand it). So where? Just Shower Thoughts is the answer to your prayers.

Just This Giant Wikipedia List of Dogs

Love dogs? This is where you need to go. This Wikipedia page contains details of all sorts of dogs. And by all sorts we don’t mean just different breeds but dogs which are actors or police dogs or dogs which are mascots. The list goes on and on. It is a dog lover’s paradise.

Gross Science

This one is actually a YouTube page but it deserves a mention in this list because it is absolutely crazy. Videos here are not your normal run of the mill ones which we watch. They cover a wide range of topics from earwax to snot to cucumber butts (yes, cucumber butts). So get on there and be grossed out but we guarantee you will go back.



The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Picking a password that is strong is way too difficult. What if one that is strong for you is nothing for someone else? Well, not everyone is honest about the strength of your passwords but the PaP Machine is. Enter in your password and it will tell you exactly what it thinks without any sugar coating. Some comments might actually hurt your feelings so tread lightly (*wink*).


GIFs are cool right? I mean you keep wondering is it a video, a pic, please someone tell me. Well, Giphy is the Google of GIFs. Just type in something of your interest and enjoy giphying (not sure if that’s a word but going with it).

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