Top 8 Discord Bots You must start Using Right Now!

Bots have played a great role in making our lives all easy and better. They have the ability to turn your manual life into an all automated life. Thus, greatly reducing your manual work load to a great extent. Bots can be anything ranging from tangible metallic and plastic robots to digital bots which you can program according to your will to do your tasks for you. 

Discord Bots

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord is the only Cross Platform App that provides Free Voice and Text chat specially designed for gamers. Now, when we talk about Discord Bots, these are those bots which only run on discord. You can use a pre-built bot or create your own bot over discord to make them do your job of managing and maintaining your server. These bots may comprise of a number of functions and features with whose help you can make your server more interactive and fun to visit.

Today we are here to discuss about the Top 8 Discord Bots which have made their way into our list due to the features and functionality they provide. 

Top 8 Discord Bots 2018


Dyna Discord bot

Dyno Discord is a fully-featured discord bot with music, moderation, logs, web dashboard, and more. has been there for quite some time and had made a reputation of its own. The Dyno Discord Bot may be one of the most preferred bots among users from the discord community due to its regularly updated features and functions and also as it provides a large bundle of functionality. 

Thus making it a complete package for those who want to start of upgrading your server’s capabilities. Where other bots may get corrupted or break down, this bot stays put and can easily take a lot of heat when it comes to fulfilling your requirements.

This is one feature rich bot you cannot do with. And the best part about this bot is that it provides you with a dedicated dashboard service which lets you maintain everything that goes on in your server. It comes with some really good features and functionality like auto-moderation with the help of which you can mute, ban, un-ban, raid spams and much more. Moreover, you can easily stream music from Youtube and other music platforms along with airing your own custom announcements. 


Game stats Discord bot

Game Stats, just as the name suggest itself is a full on gamer oriented bot, developed and designed to fulfill the basic and exclusive needs of a gamer. This discord bot lets you achieve quite a number of things and functionality like tracking and displaying game statics of various players playing different multiplayer games online like PUBG, GS-GO and other such games. 

Not, only that you can even make use of its voice over internet protocol feature app to have a better experience communicating to your fellow players by voice over the network for more easy and efficient coordination. These small little perks and squeaks can play a great role in winning you your game.

Moreover, setting up your profile aka your ‘gaming alias’ is a piece of cake and sharing your information and stats with other players, friends and teams add up to your own advantage. So, in conclusion, if you are a gamer person, then this bot without much of a doubt should be a perfect choice to give a try. However, the only little con this bot might have is that it might take some people a little time getting used to it. But, apart from that this app wont disappoint you.


Memez Discord Bot

Sharing memes and fun GIFs with your friends and group have become a whole lot easier and fun with the popular MeMezBots which has a huge number of users and a large number of online servers using this bot. It has got some of the most popular and funny memes you can lay your hands on. They have got animal memes, people memes, funny memes, crazy memes and every other kind of memes you can possibly think off.

The developers have made it their utmost priority that you always have a fun and crazy conversation with both your friends and foes while you are on discord. Also, there is an additional functionality which lets you call your Memezbot to narrate out and share custom stories about someone or anyone for that particular matter. This bot is sure to turn your everyday conversation into a more fun and thrilling experience all together. So, why not add up some spice and craziness into your talks and chats with MeMezbot.


Trivia Discord Bot

Now who does not like trivia games. They have always been fun and reliable when it comes to killing time. But, now you can also play such trivia games over your chats. So, you will be now having chats and playing games all at the same time. It just cant get any better then this, when you are playing and chatting all at the same time just like sitting with your pals over the dining table and playing your favourite Trivia games as you talk and discuss about your day.

This app is mainly used as voice chats which obviously fulfills the purpose of giving you a more real life feeling while playing such trivia games as said above. Moreover, it has got a collection of over 3000+ questions from around more that 24 categories like sports, science, GK and so on which can really help you kill time as well as gain some general knowledge at the same time. This bot comes with basically three commands which are : trivia help, trivia start and trivia categories. So, you obviously know what the help function will let you do. As for the other two commands. The trivia start command lets you start playing a trivia game of your choice whereas the trivia categories command lets you choose and pick a topic of your choice for your trivia questions.


Dank Memer Discord

Somewhat similar to MeMezBot when it comes to memes and funny GIFs. But, with a lot other functions and features. This bot is one to keep when it comes to creating memes and manipulating images according to your choice. In addition to that you can also add sounds to your created content and add some more life to your creations. And it is not just limited to that. It also provides you with a number of games to make you stay hooked on it. These games range from “fight to death” games to “trivia” games to games which involves a whole lot of “guessing”. And last but not the least, this bot comes with moderation features that let you ban, un-ban other users according to the parameters you set or according to your will.


Rythm bot discord

The name “Rythm” describes quite a lot about this one. When it comes to good music, this is one bot you cannot skip. This bot provides not only provides good music but music in high quality, which automatically increases the user experience by a whole lot. This bot also has an auto play feature function along with lyrics recommendation that gets displayed accordingly. Thus, adding the cherry on top. This is one bot you need to have if you need the best service when it comes to having users play and enjoy music over your server.


Guilded Discord bot

For those gamers who play in groups, you have just found a perfect bot for yourself. As the name suggest, this bot is exclusively made for gamers and games where team work and team co-ordination play a really crucial part. This bot just makes a gamer’s life a whole lot easier and better when it comes to improving one’s team and its ability to compete with other online teams and players. You can make improvements to your team or guild by adding up strong players to your team which can be achieved by looking at their traits and skills and making invitation decisions accordingly. Moreover, this bot lets you manage your team members and their activities with the help of its in-built dashboard. This makes managing a whole lot simpler. Also, these bots come with some other interesting features like advanced recruiting tools and scheduling tools. These tools further add up to letting you invite or recruit players well. 



This is one of my personal favourites as it is one bot which is simple yet whole lot fun to use. The BoxBot bot literally lets you open up random boxes and what you find inside these random boxes is a surprise all together. But, what you do once you find all kinds of random items inside these boxes ? The answer is, you go on hunting your prey. You can just start randomly attacking your friends with these items. The more items you can get hold off, the more fun this game of attacking people and winning gets. Hence, making this bot turn your server into a perfect time killer for you and your friends who would like some quality hunting time together. 


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