What Is Com.lge.launcher3 And What Is The Use Of It?

Well, to understand the whole concept of “com.lge.launcher3”, it would be a good idea to first break down the whole term and look at the important terms or components associated with it. This way it won’t take us much time to understand and grasp the main concepts of the whole term.

What Is A Launcher?

There is just no doubt that when it comes to modifications and custom changes associated with a smart device or handset, the Operating System which works the best would be the Android OS. From easily jail breaking to installing free apps, Android OS covers it up all. It is just like the ‘Linux’ of the Android world, which is free, easily customizable and comes with quite a few tricks up its sleeve that I would say truly enhances the user experience of android users.

What Is Com.lge.launcher3 And What Is The Use Of It?

Now, coming back to Launchers, it too may be seen as an extra feature or addition that can be added to one’s android handset. What it does is that, it allows you to personalize, modify and customize your Android device home screen just the way you want. There are a number of Launchers that you can find online and download for free. Each one comes with its own set of amazing features and functions which truly gives a different feel all together. From personalizing your handset to turning it into a smart personal assistant, Android launchers can help your mobile handset achieve all.

And apart from the launchers that you will find online, every android OS automatically comes with a launcher of its own pre-installed that is basically permanent unlike the other Android launchers you will find online.

Similarly, as in case of com.lge.launcher3, it too is a launcher which comes pre-installed with your android device. The only main difference is that this launcher is mainly found in LG handsets.

In case of ‘com.lge.launcher3’, the launcher3 is said to be the generic term which was given to a whole stack of android launchers that used to come or still comes with Android OS. As for the lge part, from the name itself it can be assumed that it stands for LG Electronics. And the very fact that this launcher is found in most LG smartphones just helps to confirm the assumption.

Thus, in short it we could say that the com.lge.launcher may be a default launcher in most or all LG handset models. And, since it is a default launcher, it won’t be too fancy of a launcher to spice up your home screen as others available online.

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