What Is Discord & Its Features? And How To Use Discord App?

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In the words of Discord itself, the free VoIP application can be seen as an alternative to Teamspeak or Skype when it comes to communication between gamers while playing online. And if you ask me, this is one application you just cannot do without when it comes to playing your favourite games online with gamers all around the Internet.   

To put it simply, Discord is basically a free online service which lets its users connect to other gamers online, make teams as well as communicate in various forms like text, image, video and other kinds of audio communication via discreet and secured chat channels.

The Discord app or service apart from being able to run in your Web browsers is also available for and runs on various popular Operating Systems like Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

What Is Discord & Its Features

Since it’s initial release on May 13, 2015, this VoIP application has truly come a long way and I guess that is the very reason that at present this application has a user count of more than 200 million. Also, the other tiny yet important fun factor about this app is that, the Discord app is available in 27 different languages making it just as user friendly and diverse as possible. And last but not the least, the reason why the Discord app is such a success lies in the very reason that it is completely free and absolutely light weight.

So, if you think you are all set to dive into the world of online gaming and come face to face with other potential comrades over the Internet. Then I guess you just need to click on the link below to go to the official Discord website and start off with your journey.

Also, the step by step guide given below should help set up yourself in Discord and start off with your journey further.

What Are Discord features?

After we have seen what the Discord app is and what it has to offer. I think it would be a good idea to first have a look into the various features the Discord app has to offer its users.

Some of the basic features include

  • Creating your own server.
  • Adding bots to servers.
  • A chat Lobby which is secured and discreet.
  • A well-established free VoIP system to chat.

Well, those were just some of the very fundamental features you will find out in the Discord app. You will get to know the rest slowly as we go into the next section where we will learn “How to use the Discord App?” 

How To Use It?

This section of ours consist of a step by step beginners guide to help you out on your journey to Discord. This guide should help you get the hang of Discord and how to go on setting it up correctly and easily. So then, let us quickly start off with our guide without any further delay.

Setting Up Discord Account

Creating an Account

This most obviously is the very first step you will need to follow to start of your journey. Although, you can simply start by feeding in a username of your choice in the “Enter a username” box as shown below and be able to use Discord right away.

However, it is a good idea to first create an account or simply link your Google account to your Discord account so that you can use Discord from any app and still find your data intact and in sync with the rest of the places you log in to and make changes.

To Sign up for an account, all you will need to do is scroll down the Discord App page and click on the “Sign Up Now” button as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, once you click on the Sign Up Now button, you will be automatically taken to the Registration page where you will need to login your Email ID and other credentials to open up an account. Once you are done filling in your details, simply check mark on the “Agree to the terms” and then Fire off by clicking on the “Continue” button.

Getting to know the Discord Home screen

Well the Discord Home screen is pretty basic and need not really take much time to get the hang of it if you ask me. Once, you jump into the Home screen everything is pretty easy to figure out.

Server List

To the extreme left of your Discord App home screen you will find a server list where you will find all your joined servers listed systematically. You also have a ‘+’ button to add up any new servers very easily whenever you want to. Moreover, you can also rearrange your server list in any manner by simply clicking and dragging your servers up and down wherever you like it.

Instant Invites

This is one feature I personally am really fond of and would not at all mind using. And somewhere down the line like most Discord users, even I too believe that this feature of Instant invites had a great role to play in Discord success.

So, what you can send invites to other Discord users. Well, it is pretty simple as the word Instant invites sounds actually.

All you need to do is simply select the server where you want to invite your friends. And then to the right under ‘TEXT CHANNELS’, you will find the ‘#general’ tab option. To the right of the option just besides the Settings icon, you should be able to find a ‘user+’ icon. Just click on it and you should have an invite link generated instantly.

Once all that is done and you have your link. You can share it with your friends over any social site or messaging app of your choice to whoever you wish to invite.

Channel & Server Permissions

The Server and channel permissions feature without much of a doubt I would say is one of the most important factors when starting off with Discord. Hence, let us look at what the various permissions are and how to go on about working with them.

To go to Permissions, you will first need to click on the ‘channel Settings’ icon next to the Text channel. Then from the drop-down menu, select and go to ‘Permissions’. Here, you can add new members, assign them roles and change the permissions assigned to them.

To add a member, you need to just click on the ‘+’ button icon in the ROLES/MEMBER section and then assign the role to the one you think are deserving.

Then under the ROLES/MEMBER list itself you can select an option and change the ‘General Permission’ for the respective member or type of member. Under the GENERAL PERMSSIONS menu, you can select the desired permissions you want your added member to have along with what changes he/she can make to your server and so on. For example, if you want a member to be able to create ‘Instant invites’, then simply click on and select the agree ‘tick’ button and if you don’t, then just click on the ‘cancel’ button. It is that simple!

Giving Character To Your User Account

One of the most common features, and by far one of the most important is the ability for a user to personalize his or her ‘user account’, and hence the term character. Well generally speaking when ever you create yourself an account over some website or the other. There is always that urge where you want to make your account or profile stand out. Turn it into something which can speak for itself. Right?

Well, with Discord that too is very much possible. The free VoIP app lets you personalize your profile and give it the character it very much deserves.

So, to do any of that you will need to first go to your USER SETTINGS. You can go to ‘User Settings’ by simply clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon which you should find next to your username.

Once you click on it, you will directly find yourself in the USER SETTINGS page. Here, under User Settings you will see My Account, Privacy & Safety, Authorized Apps & Connections.

My Account

Well, the My Account section basically gives you the ability to change your Username or make changes to your password and some other advanced options like Two-Factor Authentication and so on.


Here you will be able to connect your other social media profiles to your Discord Account so that others can follow you directly on Facebook, Youtube, etc from Discord itself.

Adding Bots

This is one of the most important features of Discord. I would say it is one of the most crucial ones of all. When it comes to bots and Discords, they both go hand in hand. A discord server without bots is more of a house without life or host to greet guests. Hence the adding up of bots to Servers is as important as creating a server in the first place.

Also, while adding bots to a server, you need to keep in mind that you do not just add up any bots randomly. You need to be careful and cautious which bot is good for you or how well will it get the job done.

If you want to know how to add bots and work with them, then you can just go on to the tutorial link below and get a detailed step by step guide on how to deal with discord bots along with some few other tips and here you find how to add bots to discord

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