What Is Reddit Gold/Premium: There Is Much New This Time

Do not get confused with Reddit Gold and Reddit Premium both are the same thing. The paid membership plan of the Reddit was named Reddit Gold previously, but many times users get confused between the Reddit Gold and Reddit Coin so they changed it to the Reddit premium.

Reddit premium is the premium membership where you get much more benefit than a normal Redditor.

What Is Reddit Premium

Why Reddit Gold Changed To The Premium?

Like Gold, Reddit also a feature called Reddit Coin where users can buy coins which can be used to reward others. Like I can reward with Reddit coins to other members for their good post, comment, discussion, link or anything else.

Peoples generally get confused between coins and gold to solve this confusion they changed Gold to Reddit Premium.

Benefits Of Having Reddit Premium?

Ads-free: Reddit is open source which means you do not need to spend any money to use the Reddit, it is free but every business require profit so they use advertisements to make money and sometimes ads destroy your user experience. But if you are a premium member then it will not show you any ads.

Monthly Coins: As we talked before about the Coins, if you buy the premium you will be rewarded with the 1000 Reddit Coins for the first month, and once the first month is finished you will get 700 coins every month.

R/Longue: it is a premium section of the Reddit means only premium members get access to this community. You can really find some amazing stuff with lots of secrets here in this community.

You have to pay $5.99  each month for the Reddit Premium.

benefits of having Gold

How To Pay Reddit Gold?

Go to the reddit.com

Sidebar main menu tap on the “Reddit Premium

How To buy reddit premium

Tap get Reddit Premium

Pay with PayPal or card to become a premium member.

Pay by Paypal

How Reddit Gold Member Can Subscribe To Premium?

If you were the member of the Reddit Gold then you automatically become the Reddit premium subscriber, plus you will be get rewarded with the extra 700 coins.

How To Spend Those Reddit Coins?

Because coins are the virtual good so you can use them to reward great posts of users who performed well. If you find someone doing a great job, or contributed something which deserves appreciation then rewards them with the Reddit coins. This is all you can do with the coins.

Is It Possible To Get Coins Without Premium Member Tag?

Yes, it is possible, it is not compulsory to be a premium member to get coins, you can individually buy them as per your choice and requirements.

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