What Is Reddit: What Is New About Reddit In 2019

Reddit is one of the most popular online user communicating platform, users use Reddit for different reasons which can be divided into three main categories web discussion, proving ratings & reviews, and social news aggregation.

Reddit is an American company started 14 years ago on June 23, 2005, by the Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis Ohanian.

Reddit works with the user-generated content, means founders of the Reddit just created a platform for the online users to share and discuss their interest with the others.

How To Use Reddit?

To enjoy the content of the website you do not require any registration, but you have to register to become a member to contribute to the Reddit in form of sharing pictures, videos, links, any news, comments, or asking questions.

What Is Subreddits?

Reddit has a huge fan base and is not limited to any specific topic so to organize topics in a well manner way they organized Reddit posts under the subreddits.

Subreddits are very much similar to categories, but becasue subreddits are also created and maintained by the users so you create any kind of subreddit like with your name, your brand anything.

Crating a subreddit is like creating a blog on the blogger where you can share your interest with others and you have to also create your fan base by yourself. You can allow user’s rights as per your preference.

Reddit Gold/Reddit Premium

In simple term, Reddit Gold is a premium membership plan for the users to become a paid member of the site with lots of extra benefits.

Reddit is open-source, you can sign up to the site and start your journey for free but if you want to meet new and more Reddit features you have to buy the Reddit Gold, now they changed its name to the Reddit Premium.

Benefits of Reddit Premium

No ads: Reddit is open source but it uses advertisement to make money, but once you are the premium member you are not going to withness any ads.

Monthly Coin: When you will join the Reddit Premium for the first time you will be rewarded with the 1000 Reddit coins, and after the one month you will get 700 coins each month.

Access To Lounge Community: You will get access to the R/Lounge Community (Subreddit) where you can find many secrets and lots more.

Reddit premium will cost you 5..99$ monthly

If you are the member of the old Reddit Gold then you can continue your subscription with same benefits, plus you will get an extra 700 Coins.

What Is Reddit Coins & How You Can use Those?

Reddit coin is just a virtual good means you can use this to reward the other members for their good post, comment or any information sharing. Like by giving them coin you can show your appreciation.

How To Post On Reddit?

Sign Up: Posting your interest or sharing your comment is easy, at first step you have to sign up to become a registered member, becasue these rights only belong to registered peoples.

Login To Your Account: Once the sign up is done, just log in to your account.

Open Subreddit: Now go to the subreddit of your interest, and tap creates a post.

Share Post & Comments: Now you can share the post in text form, Images & Videos, and links. Or you comment on the posts.

Note: it is the up to subreddit that it allowed users to post or not.

How To Delete Reddit Account?

  • Go To account preference
  • Tap deactivate account
  • Now just follow the instructions and you must know your password 

What Is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is your performance report or your scoreboard which will tell you and others your performance.

Whenever anyone upvotes your post or comments it will boost your karma, but if you get downvoted you will lose your karma points.

You can see user karma on the top of their profile in the sidebar.

How To Change The Username?

Every member has their own unique username for their Reddit account, there will be no duplicate username for the account.

Username is like domain name so there can be two accounts with a similar username.

Whenever you open an account, you need to provide a username which will be associated with your account. But what if you need to change your username later.

So it is sad that you can not change your username even you can modify a single word.

So be careful while choosing your username.

Some Interesting Things About Reddit

Popular: Popular posts are the most trending posts of the day with most upvotes. So if you want to find some new content which is liked by the other Redditors so you just click on the “popular” from the main menu.

Original Content: Like popular, there is another option called “Orignal” where you can find the original post you will not be found elsewhere. Original content means the content is originally made by the users.

Top Communities/Subreddit: Are you bored of using old subreddits then just tap on the “Top Communities” from the main menu to find the list of all of the top communities of the same day.


You can also send other members personal messages, even when you will get banned or else you will get a personal message.

Sending messages to the other is easy, just go the user profile and tap on the chat.

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